10 Facts about Renaissance Food

Post On: February 21, 2017

Read the following Facts about Renaissance Food if you are curious about the types of food, drink and dessert served on the dining table during the Renaissance period. Actually, the location, wealth and social status will determine the types of foods that these people would eat. If they were peasants, they could only eat mush or soup daily. The soup was made of eggs and carrots. The wheat or oat would be cooked with water to create mush. In some occasions, the peasants also ate black bread.

Facts about Renaissance Food 1: meat

Did you know that meat was a precious thing during the Renaissance era? The people had to use salt for preserving the meat. Since the salt was very expensive, the meat was rare to serve.

Facts about Renaissance Food

Facts about Renaissance Food

Facts about Renaissance Food 2: living near the coast

The people who lived on the coastal areas during Renaissance period had the chance to eat fish as their staple food.

Facts about Renaissance Food 3: the wealthy and upper class people

The wealthy people and upper class people like the nobles and merchants had varied types of foods. They ate better food than the peasants did. They enjoyed fancy dishes on the huge feast and banquet.

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Renaissance Food Facts

Renaissance Food Facts

Facts about Renaissance Food 4: the foods for wealthy people

The broth and soup were served on the table of the wealthy people. However, both were cooked with exotic spices. Moreover, they ate various meats such as pig, stag and beef.

Facts about Renaissance Food 5: the roasted meat

The wealthy people during Renaissance loved to eat the roasted meat. The cook had a large vat used for boiling the roasts. The flavor was from the rose water and juices.

Facts about Renaissance Food 6: the important celebration

During the important celebrations or events such as large feast, festivals, and wedding ceremony, the food was special. They ate cranes, peacocks or swans. The feathers were often used for decoration at home, while the meat was served for the people.

Facts about Renaissance Food 7: the types of meat

Various types of meat were eaten by the Renaissance people, which included rabbit, chicken, mutton, venison, ham, breed, turkey and pheasant.

Renaissance Food Image

Renaissance Food Image

Facts about Renaissance Food 8: the dessert

The fruit course is a term used to call dessert. The cheese, jellies, fruit and nuts were some examples of dessert.

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Facts about Renaissance Food 9: the drink

Wine and beer were the common drink because the water was dirty at that time.

Renaissance Food

Renaissance Food

Facts about Renaissance Food 10: wine and ale

Ale was popular in England and Germany, while wine was favorable in France and Italy.

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