10 Facts about Rene Goscinny

Post On: February 21, 2017

Let me inform you with the interesting information about the notable comic writer and editor on Facts about Rene Goscinny. He was born on August 14th, 1926 and died on November 5th, 1977.  The famous comic book of Goscinny is Asterix. He collaborated this international work with Albert Uderzo, an illustrator. He also made other collaborations with Jean Tabary for Iznogoud and Morris for Lucky Luke. Check other facts about Goscinny below:

Facts about Rene Goscinny 1: the birthplace of Goscinny

The birthplace of Goscinny was located in Paris. He was from Jewish family who migrated from Poland to France.

René Goscinny Facts

René Goscinny Facts

Facts about Rene Goscinny 2: the parents of Goscinny

His father was Stanisław Simkha Gościnny who came from Warsaw Poland where he worked as a chemical engineer. His mother was Anna.

Facts about Rene Goscinny 3: the older brother of Goscinny

Goscinny had an older brother named Claude. The family decided to relocate to Buenos Aires, Argentina due to his father’s work. Rene was educated at the French schools in the city. He was happy living there.

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René Goscinny

René Goscinny

Facts about Rene Goscinny 4: a class clown

When he recalled his childhood time in the class, he was often subjected as a class clown. He was a shy child.

Facts about Rene Goscinny 5: drawing

Goscinny was interested on drawing since he was a kid.   He loved reading. He also liked to create the illustrations according to the story that he read.

Facts about Rene Goscinny 6: the death of his father

Goscinny was 17 years old when his father died due to the cerebral hemorrhage.  Therefore, he had to get a job to support himself. A tire recovery company hired him as an assistant accountant. In the following year, he was laid off from the job. Then he was hired in an advertising agency as a junior illustrator.

Facts about Rene Goscinny 7: relocating to New York

In 1945, he moved to New York with his mother. In 1946, he joined the French Army by relocating to France so that he could avoid joining the United States Army.



Facts about Rene Goscinny 8: the job in the army

When he was in the French army, his job was to create posters and illustrations for the army. He earned the senior corporal promotion.

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Facts about Rene Goscinny 9: return to New York

Goscinny came back to New York after he created illustration for The Girl with The Eyes of Gold. This period marked the hardship that he had to face in his life. He was broke and jobless in the period.

Facts about Rene Goscinny

Facts about Rene Goscinny

Facts about Rene Goscinny 10: recovery

He got better by 1948. He began to work in a small studio. He also made friends with Harvey Kurtzman, Jack Davis and Will Elder. All of them were the contributors of MAD Magazine.

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