10 Facts about Rene Lalique

Post On: February 22, 2017

Facts about Rene Lalique inform us with the famous French glass designer. He was born on April 6th, 186 in Ay, Marne. He died on May 1st, 1945 in Paris. His full name is Rene Jules Lalique. He was mostly known as the creator of perfume bottles, glass art, clocks, automobile hood ornaments, chandeliers, jewelry and vases. Lalique had learned various methods of creating art and designs in his early years. He used them in the future life. Find out other interesting facts about Lalique below:

Facts about Rene Lalique 1: moving to Paris

His family settled in the suburbs of Paris when Rene was two years old. During the summer holidays, the family would spend the time in Ay.

Facts about René Lalique

Facts about René Lalique

Facts about Rene Lalique 2: the naturalistic glasswork

The naturalistic glasswork that he developed in the later years was heavily influenced by the trip.

Facts about Rene Lalique 3: an apprentice

Lalique was in Paris when he became an apprentice for a goldsmith Louis Aucoc. It was two years after the death of his father.

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René Lalique Facts

René Lalique Facts

Facts about Rene Lalique 4: the death of Lalique

On 1 May 1945, Lalique died. His burial site is located in Paris, France at Père Lachaise Cemetery.

Facts about Rene Lalique 5: the granddaughter of Lalique

Lalique had a granddaughter named Marie Claude-Lalique who was born in 1936. She also worked as a glassmaker.

Facts about Rene Lalique 6: education

Lalique was exposed to sketching and drawing when he was 12 years old. At that time, he was educated at College Turgot. He was enrolled to Ecole des arts décoratifs to follow the evening classes. In 1874 until 1876, Lalique was hired here. Then he was in London at the Crystal Palace School of Art Sydenham where he increased the graphic skill of design. He also developed the naturalistic art approach.

Facts about Rene Lalique 7: return to England

He became a freelance artist when he came back to England. He created designs of jewelry for Boucheron and Cartier.

René Lalique Pic

René Lalique Pic

Facts about Rene Lalique 8: opening business

Lalique had his own business in 1885. He created the designs for glass pieces and jewelry.

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Facts about Rene Lalique 9: the fame

Lalique was known as one of the most celebrated Art Nouveau jewellery designers by 1890.

René Lalique

René Lalique

Facts about Rene Lalique 10: the association

Due to his amazing design, Lalique’s name is always associated with quality, beauty and creativity.

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