10 Facts about Reproduction

Post On: February 22, 2017
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If you want to know the reproductive system of human being, look at the following Facts about Reproduction. To give information related to the reproduction system, exhibitions about it are often held in the developed countries. It is very rare to find in undeveloped countries. The testes and penis are two primary divisions of male reproductive system. The sperm is produced inside the testes. Let us check other interesting facts about reproduction:

Facts about Reproduction 1: the location of penis and testes

The location of penis and testes are outside the abdominal activity in the reproductive system of human being.

Facts about Reproduction

Facts about Reproduction

Facts about Reproduction 2: regulating the temperature

The temperature of sperm can be regulated by having testes located outside the abdominal cavity.  The sperm will be able to survive with the average temperature of 2 to 3 degrees Celsius compared to the normal body temperature.

Facts about Reproduction 3: the closer location

If the testicle is located too close with body, the formation of spermatozoa will be likely to be damaged due to the increased temperature. It is hard to do conception.

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Reproduction Facts

Reproduction Facts

Facts about Reproduction 4: the sperm production

The sperm production is facilitated by the presence of scrotum, which maintains the cooler temperature of sperms.

Facts about Reproduction 5: the female reproductive system

The vagina, uterus, and ovaries are the primary components of female reproductive system. The ova are generated by the ovaries. The semen is received by the former two ones.

Facts about Reproduction 6: the connection

The Fallopian tubes connect the ovaries and uterus. The cervix connects the vagina and uterus. The ovum is released by the ovaries. It will reach the uterus via fallopian tubes.

Facts about Reproduction 7: the fertilization

The ampullary-isthimic junction is the only section where the meeting of sperm and ovum will result into fertilization. That is why pregnancy will not always happen after the intercourse.



Facts about Reproduction 8: what is pregnancy?

The fetus is developed inside the female’s uterus during the period called pregnancy.

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Facts about Reproduction 9: the pregnant woman

The pregnant woman will need high level of calories intakes, vitamins and nutrients for the fetus will get food from the mother. It will take 266 days for the gestation period of human being.



Facts about Reproduction 10: childbirth

The process of birth begins when the chemical signals are produced. The fetus will be pushed via the birth canal on the vagina.

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