10 Facts about Republic Day

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Facts about Republic Day will elaborate the details about the date to honor Constitution of India.  It marks the replacement of Government of Indian Act since the Constitution of India was formally applied as the governing document in the country since January 26, 1950. The Indian Constituent Assembly had adopted the Constitution on November 26, 1949. On 26 January 1950, it was on effect in India. It transformed India into a fully independent republic with democratic government system. Get other interesting facts about Republic Day below:

Facts about Republic Day 1: the selection of the date

The date of Republic Day is selected on 26th January because it was the date of Purna Swaraj or Declaration of Indian Independence. Actually, British Regime offered India with Dominion Status, but the Indian National Congress rejected the offer and wanted to gain full independence.

Facts about Republic Day

Facts about Republic Day

Facts about Republic Day 2: the national holiday

There are three national holidays in India. They are Gandhi Jayanti, Independence Day and Republic Day.

Facts about Republic Day 3: the independence of India

On 15 August 1947, India earned the independence from British Raj. Before the Indian people gained their independence, the resistance movement toward the British Raj had been conducted with civil disobedience and non-violent resistance. Mahatma Gandhi was the leader at that time.

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Republic Day

Republic Day

Facts about Republic Day 4: President Rajendra Prasad

In 1950, India had the first Republic Day parade on Rajpath, New Delhi. President Rajendra Prasad took part in the parade by riding a horse-drawn carriage.

Facts about Republic Day 5: the primary celebration

New Delhi, which serves as the national capital of India, is the primary site for the Republic Day celebration.

Facts about Republic Day 6: the ceremonious parades

Rajpath is the site for the ceremonious parades. The objectives of the parades are to celebrate the rich cultural heritage, unity and tribute to India.

Facts about Republic Day 7: the celebration in 2016

Republic Day parade in 2016 was different for the parade occurred on the lines of Delhi Republic Day and Marine Drive in Mumbai.

Republic Day Image

Republic Day Image

Facts about Republic Day 8: the participants in the parades

The Indian Army, Air Force and Navy take part in the parades. They will wear the official decorations and finery.

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Facts about Republic Day 9: the salute

The Indian President will take the salute during the parade because the president serves as the Commander-in-Chief of Armed forces.

Facts about Republic Day

Facts about Republic Day

Facts about Republic Day 10: Beating Retreat ceremony

The Republic day is officially ended with the Beating Retreat ceremony on January 29.

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