10 Facts about Republica Dominicana

Post On: February 24, 2017

Facts about Republica Dominicana inform the readers about the Dominican Republic.  The nation sits at two-thirds of Hispaniola Island. Haiti lies at the remaining one-third of the island. Based on its area, it is called as the second-largest Caribbean nation. It covers the area of 18,705 square miles or 48,445 sq km.  It is a home for 10 million inhabitants. The capital city is Santo Domingo where it is occupied by 3 million of the total population. Here are other interesting facts about Republica Dominicana below:

Facts about Republica Dominicana 1: Christopher Columbus

On 6th December 1492, Columbus arrived at the western region of Hispaniola. It is the present-day Haiti.

Republica Dominicana

Republica Dominicana

Facts about Republica Dominicana 2: Spanish Colonial rule

The Spanish colonial was first settled in Hispaniola when they wanted to rule New World.

Facts about Republica Dominicana 3: the declaration of independence

In November 1821, the Dominican people declared their independence. However, Haiti took over their region in February 1822. Even though the Dominican people earned the victory against the Haitian people during 1844 Dominican War of Independence, it was controlled by Spanish again.

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Republica Dominicana Valley

Republica Dominicana Valley

Facts about Republica Dominicana 4: the current president

The current president of Republica Dominicana is Danilo Medina. During the election, he earned 51 percent of votes.

Facts about Republica Dominicana 5: the economy

The country was always associated with mining and agriculture as the sources of economy in the past. Today, service is the primary sector, which contributes to the economy.

Facts about Republica Dominicana 6: the growth of the economy

Tourism, manufacturing and construction are the three important sectors, which also support the economic growth of the nation. However, the country still has to deal with the major problems such as inconsistent electric service, government corruption and unemployment.

Facts about Republica Dominicana 7: tourism

Tourism industry is flourished in Republica Dominicana. The main attraction is the year-round golf courses.

Republica Dominicana Facts

Republica Dominicana Facts

Facts about Republica Dominicana 8: geography

Lake Enriquillo is the lowest point and largest lake in the Caribbean. It also features Pico Duarte as the tallest mountain peak in the Caribbean.

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Facts about Republica Dominicana 9: the interesting buildings and structures

When you are in Republica Dominicana, you will spot unique fortress, monastery, castle and monastery. The World Heritage site status is awarded for Santo Domingo’s Colonial Zone.

Facts about Republica Dominicana

Facts about Republica Dominicana

Facts about Republica Dominicana 10: sport and music

The favorite sport of the people is baseball. The national dance and music are Merengue and Bachata.

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