10 Facts about Republicans

Post On: February 23, 2017

Read Facts about Republicans if you want to get more information about one of the major political parties in United States.  The Republican Party is often called Grand Old Party or GOP. The main historic rival is Democratic Party. In 1854, the party was established by the ex-Whigs, anti-slavery activists, ex-Free Soilers, and modernists. During the American Revolution, republicanism was considered as the dominant value, which inspired these people to name the party.

Facts about Republicans 1: the national domination

In 1860 until 1932, the Republicans dominated the political arena in United States. Most of their followers were from the northern states.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

Facts about Republicans 2: the United States Presidents

Abraham Lincoln was the first republican who became the president of United States. He was in the office in 1861 until 1865.  The 19 presidents of US are from Republican Party.

Facts about Republicans 3: Donald Trump

The current president from Republican Party is Donald Trump. On 20th January 2017, he has been in the office.

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Facts about Republicans

Facts about Republicans

Facts about Republicans 4: the current ideology

American conservatism is considered as the latest ideology brought by Republican Party. On the other hand, the rival brings the progressive platform or modern liberalism.

Facts about Republicans 5: the platform brought by republicans

The conservative values are brought as the primary platform of Republicans. They apply the conservative economic policies. The traditional values are supported by the Republicans.

Facts about Republicans 6: the supporters of Republicans

The supporters of the republicans grow wider. In the past, the supporters were from Midwest and Northeast of United States. Now it reaches Mountain States, Great Plains and South. The Evangelicals, Mormons and conservative Catholics also give their support to Republicans.

Facts about Republicans 7: the majority seats

The republicans have the majority on the Senate and House of Representatives in 115th US Congress.

Republicans Logo

Republicans Logo

Facts about Republicans 8:  the relation

Do you know that the Conservative Party in United Kingdom has a close relation with the Republican Party in United States?

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Facts about Republicans 9: the recent poll

The most recent poll states that Americans identify themselves as Republicans are 25 percent, while the leaning Republicans are 16 percent.

Republicans Facts

Republicans Facts

Facts about Republicans 10: John C. Fremont

John C. Fremont was the first presidential candidate from Republican Party. He had no vote from the South because the base of the party was supported by the African-American nationwide and northern white Protestants.

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