10 Facts about Respect

Post On: February 25, 2017
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Facts about Respect will define a feeling of admiration, which occurs on an ideal, child, person or even animals. The term respect is also linked with the positive quality owned by a respected person. By playing a significant part in the society, people can earn their respect toward others. Thus, a person has to prove their ability or social role to get respect in most cultures. Let me show you other interesting facts about respect below:

Facts about Respect 1: thank you

The phrase “thank you” seems simple, but it means a lot for the people who live in the West. This simple phrase shows respect to others.

Facts about Respect

Facts about Respect

Facts about Respect 2: the gestures

Respect is not only shown by having words or phrases. You can also do gestures or body movement to show respect. In the East, a slight bow to others means respect. You can also do a simple handshake or give a direct eye contact to respect other people.

Facts about Respect 3: languages

Many languages in the world show the importance of respect. When you respect others, you will follow the particular wording and grammatical conventions.

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Respect Pic

Respect Pic

Facts about Respect 4: pronoun

A particular pronoun is used to address an important person. It is usually an honorific pronoun.

Facts about Respect 5: the usage of the honorifics

It is less common to use honorifics to call the first person. They are often used to call the third and second persons.

Facts about Respect 6: anti-honorific first person

One way to increase the honor of the third or second person is by using the anti-honorific form on the first person. It is spotted in some languages. For instance, you may use “this unworthy person” or even ”your most humble servant” so that the honor for the second and third person is more improved.

Facts about Respect 7: the social status

When you speak to Japanese who has higher social status, you have to use honorifics and polite language to respect them.



Facts about Respect 8: the first name in China

If you have already known the person for a long period, it is okay to call their first name in China. However, call them with their last name if you have not known them.

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Facts about Respect 9: the title

You may address the person by their title if you are at work. When they are at home, the nicknames are often used to address the people.

Facts about Respect 10: juniors and seniors

The juniors and seniors are also important in Chinese culture. If the person is older, he or she must be considered as the senior.

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