10 Facts about Responsibility

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Let us discuss Facts about Responsibility by focusing on the moral responsibility, obligations and duties. It depends on the moral obligation on a person.  This responsibility is associated with reward, blame, praise or even punishment. The main concern of ethic lies on the morally obligatory act. The moral agent is used to define the person who has moral responsibility for an action. The agent will realize how to act, how to behave and how to think about the situation according to his or her moral responsibility.

Facts about Responsibility 1: the debate

The debate related to the moral responsibility is becoming bigger over the years. The basic question lies on whether the individual should be morally responsible on his or her act.

Responsibility Facts

Responsibility Facts

Facts about Responsibility 2: the differences with legal responsibility

If you think that legal and moral responsibilities are similar, you are wrong.  The legal responsibility has something to do with law.  The legal system may punish the person based on the act.

Facts about Responsibility 3: the types of responsibility

There are a number of types of responsibility such as the social responsibility, moral responsiblity and collective responsibility.

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Responsibility in Military

Responsibility in Military

Facts about Responsibility 4: responsibility as an obligation

Responsibility might be seen as a form of obligation. It is defined as an action that should be taken by an individual to fulfill the requirement.

Facts about Responsibility 5: the degree of responsibility

A degree of responsibility from one person to another person is different depending on his or her role in the society.

Facts about Responsibility 6: a person with political office

The person sitting at the political officer is bounded by more responsibilities than other people who do not sit at the office.

Facts about Responsibility 7: the power and right

When a person has more rights and power, the responsibility is increased. The age of a person is another factor, which determines the degree of responsibility.



Facts about Responsibility 8: the self-interest

The self-interest comes second when talking about responsibility. Since responsibility is also seen as a duty that should be executed by the person.

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Facts about Responsibility 9: the sources of responsibility

The responsibility of an individual appears because of the moral expectation, character, place of life and being human.

Facts about Responsibility

Facts about Responsibility

Facts about Responsibility 10: the acceptance of responsibility

The foundation of knowledge and sense are the two common factors, which affect the acceptance of a person on their responsibility.

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