10 Facts about Reunion Island

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Get the useful information about a region and island of France located at the Indian Ocean on Facts about Reunion Island. It has the highest GDP per capita among the islands located in the Indian Ocean. Reunion Island was a home of 844,994 people as of 2014.  The settlement in the island was traced back since the seventeenth century. It has been a home for the Africans, Madagascar and French. On 20 December 1848, slavery was abolished from the island. In 1946, it gained the status as the overseas department of France.

Facts about Reunion Island 1: the official language

French is the official language in Reunion Island. However, Reunion Creole is also spoken by the locals.

Facts about Reunion Island

Facts about Reunion Island

Facts about Reunion Island 2: the width, length and size

Reunion Island covers the areas of 970 square miles or 2,512 sq km. It has the width of 28 miles or 45 km. The length is measured at 39 miles or 63 km.

Facts about Reunion Island 3: Piton de la Fournaise

The eastern end of Reunion Island features Piton de la Fournaise. This shield volcano resembles the similar volcanic nature and climate with the ones on Hawaiian volcanoes. It had the height of 8,632 feet or 2,631 m.

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Reunion Island Facts

Reunion Island Facts

Facts about Reunion Island 4: the eruption

Since 1640, Piton de la Fournaise has erupted more than 100 times. The recent eruption took place on September 11th, 2016. Therefore, the mountain is closely monitored.

Facts about Reunion Island 5: the lava flow

The lava flow of Piton de la Fournaise’s eruption reached 3,900,000 cubic yard or 3,000,000 cu m per day in April 2007.

Facts about Reunion Island 6: the highest point

Piton des Neiges is the highest point in Reunion Island for it has the height of 10,070 feet or 3,070 m above the sea elevation.

Facts about Reunion Island 7: climate

Reunion Island is a tropical island with moderate temperature. In November to April, it has the rainy and hot season. In May to November, it has dry and cool weather.

Reunion Island

Reunion Island

Facts about Reunion Island 8: the main attraction

The main attraction in the island is the tropical beaches. You will love to visit the beaches because of the complete facilities such as parking space, amenities and barbecues.

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Facts about Reunion Island 9: the most popular beach

The most popular beach is Hermitage Beach.  People love to come here to enjoy the view, do snorkeling and visit the lagoon.

Reunion Island Image

Reunion Island Image

Facts about Reunion Island 10: Grand Anse

If you are interested to visit the white sand beach, reach Gran Anse. It features a picnic area, a playground and rock pool.

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