10 Facts about Revelation

Post On: February 27, 2017

If you want to know the book, which plays a significant part in Christian eschatology, look at Facts about Revelation. The book is called in various names such as The Revelation, the Apocalypse of John, and the Revelation to John and The Book of Revelation. This book is a part of the New Testament. The title of the book is taken from the Koine Greek of apokalypsis. It means revelation or unveiling. Let us find out other useful facts about revelation in the following post:

Facts about Revelation 1: the apocalyptic document

The New Testament canon features the only apocalyptic document represented by the Book of Revelation.

Facts about Revelation

Facts about Revelation

Facts about Revelation 2: John

John is considered as the author name of Book of Revelation. However, the debate related to the author name is continued until today.

Facts about Revelation 3: “John” of Revelation

“John” of Revelation was cited by Clement of Alexandria, Melito the bishop of Sardis, Irenaeus and Justin Martyr as John the Apostle. All of them were the Christian writers from the second century.

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Revelation Facts

Revelation Facts

Facts about Revelation 4: the modern scholars

The point of view related to author of Book Revelation is different among the modern scholars. They believe that it is impossible to find out the name of the author. However, they believe that the writer must be a Christian prophet.

Facts about Revelation 5: “John of Patmos”

“John of Patmos” is considered as the putative figure of Revelation’s author according to a number of modern scholars.

Facts about Revelation 6: the origin of the book

The Book of Revelation was traced its origin back during the reign of Emperor Domitian.

Facts about Revelation 7: the literary genres

The epistolary, the apocalyptic, and the prophetic are the three literary genres found in Book of Revelation.

Revelation Image

Revelation Image

Facts about Revelation 8: the beginning of the book

Have you ever read book of revelation before? The Seven Churches of Asia were addressed by a letter of John on island of Patmos. That is why; the modern scholar called him John of Patmos.

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Facts about Revelation 9: a series of prophetic visions

A series of prophetic visions revealed by John was referred to events took place in the first century during the apostolic era. The vision was peaked at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.



Facts about Revelation 10: the point of view of futurists

Book of Revelation is believed to state the future events according to the point of view of futurists after the Roman Empire fell.

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