10 Facts about Rey Mysterio

Post On: February 27, 2017

Look the details about the American professional wrestler on Facts about Rey Mysterio. Rey Mysterio Jr or Rey Mysterio is used as his ring name. His birth name is Óscar Gutiérrez. He was born on 11th December 1974. In July 2002 until February 2015, he was in WWE. Mysterio also involved in other works with World Championship Wrestling, Asistencia Asesoría y Administración and Extreme Championship Wrestling.

Facts about Rey Mysterio 1: training

Rey Misterio, Sr., is the uncle of Rey Mysterio Jr. His uncle trained him well. Mysterio’s trademark is related to the usage of highflying Lucha libre style.

Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio

Facts about Rey Mysterio 2: the name

His ring name Rey Mysterio is taken from Spanish, which means “King Mystery”. When he started to work for WWE, Rey Mysterio dropped the junior title in his name.

Facts about Rey Mysterio 3: the highflying style

Rey Mysterio is best known due to his amazing highflying style. He is often cited as one of the greatest high-flyers in the history of wrestling.

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facts about Rey Mysterio

facts about Rey Mysterio

Facts about Rey Mysterio 4: working for WCW

When he worked for WCW, Rey Mysterio earned a three-time WCW World Tag Team Championship. He was included in The Filthy Animals along with Billy Kidman where both earned the WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship title.

Facts about Rey Mysterio 5: working for WWE

Mysterio also had great career when working for WWE. He became a WWE Intercontinental Championship twice, WWE Championship once, and WWE’s World Heavyweight Championship twice.

Facts about Rey Mysterio 6: the debut

On 30th April 1989, Gutierrez was debuted as a wrestler at the age of 14.

Facts about Rey Mysterio 7: the older ring name

Before his uncle who served his trainer gave Gutierrez the ring name Rey Misterio, Jr, he was called “La Lagartija Verde” and “Colibrí”. The latter one means hummingbird, while the former one means the green lizard.

Rey Mysterio Image

Rey Mysterio Image

Facts about Rey Mysterio 8: Extreme Championship Wrestling

In 1995 until 1996, he worked for Extreme Championship Wrestling. Psicosis was defeated by Mysterio.

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Facts about Rey Mysterio 9: the debut of WCW

On 16th June 1996, Mysterio was debuted at WCW. His opponent was Dean Malenko. He defeated Juventud during an episode of WCW Thunder on 15th January 1998 to get the Cruiserweight Championship. However, he was defeated by Chris Jericho nine days later.

Rey Mysterio Facts

Rey Mysterio Facts

Facts about Rey Mysterio 10: independent circuit

Mysterio also appeared in various independent circuits from 2015 until now. His opponents included PJ Black, Ricochet and Amazing Red.

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