10 Facts about Rhinoceros

Post On: February 28, 2017

Read Facts about Rhinoceros if you want to know the animals killed by human being because of their horn, skin and nails. It is included in the family Rhinocerotidae along with other odd-toed ungulates species. The primary characteristics of the family are seen from the herbivorous diet and large size. The protective skin is very thick. It has the thickness of 1.5 to 5 cm. The lattice structure features layers of collagen. It has a large horn, yet small brain. Rhino is considered an example of large megafauna with heavy weight. However, they have herbivorous diet.

Facts about Rhinoceros 1: the herbivorous animals

Rhinos are considered as herbivorous animals for they eat leaves. The lack of teeth is found on two African species of rhinos. Therefore, they pluck the food using the lips instead of teeth.

Facts about Rhinoceros

Facts about Rhinoceros

Facts about Rhinoceros 2: horns

Some people hunt rhinoceros because they want to take the horns. The horns are valuable for some cultures use it for traditional medicine or ornaments. The horns will be sold in the black market in high price.

Facts about Rhinoceros 3: the largest market

The largest market of rhino horns is located in Vietnam. The price of rhino horn in the black market is determined by the weight. The weight will cost as a much as the weight of gold.

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Rhinoceros Pic

Rhinoceros Pic

Facts about Rhinoceros 4: the traditional medicine

Rhino horn is also believed having the therapeutic properties. They people will grind the horns into dust.

Facts about Rhinoceros 5: the component of horns

The protein found in the rhino horn is similar with the one found in the fingernails and hair.

Facts about Rhinoceros 6: the number of horns

The one horned rhino includes the Javan and Indian rhinoceros. The rhinos, which have two horns, include the Sumatran rhinoceros and African rhinos.

Facts about Rhinoceros 7: the status

The critically endangered status is applied on three of rhino species according to the IUCN Red List.



Facts about Rhinoceros 8: the white rhinos

The northern white rhino and southern white rhino are the two subspecies of white rhinos. The wild population of the southern white rhinos reached 20,405 individuals in 2013.  The critically endangered one is seen on the northern species.

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Facts about Rhinoceros 9: the body of white rhinos

The male white rhino may have the weight of 5,000 lb or 2,400 kilogram. The female has the weight of 4,000 lb or 1,600 kilogram. They have broad chest, a short heck and large head.

Rhinoceros Facts

Rhinoceros Facts

Facts about Rhinoceros 10: the black rhinos

Black rhinos have four subspecies. They are Diceros bicornis michaeli, Diceros bicornis occidentalis, Diceros bicornis minor and Diceros bicornis longipes.

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