10 Facts about Rhinovirus

Post On: February 28, 2017
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Read Facts about Rhinovirus if you want to be informed with the primary cause of common cold. It is common for human being to be infected by rhinoviruses. The virus tends to reproduce when the temperature is around 91 to 95 degrees F or 33 to 35 degrees Celsius. This kind of temperature is usually found on the nose of human being. That is why this rhinovirus infection is prevalent. The serotypes or surface proteins are the primary factors, which distinguish the 99 known types of rhinovirus. Let us find out more information about rhinovirus by checking the below post:

Facts about Rhinovirus 1: a small virus

Rhinovirus is a small virus. The diameter of this virus is 30 nanometers. The larger viruses are seen on vaccinia and smallpox which have the diameter around 300 nanometers. Therefore, rhinovirus is 10 times smaller.

rhinovirus B14

rhinovirus B14

Facts about Rhinovirus 2: the transmission of rhinovirus

Rhinovirus is transmitted with two common modes. The first one is by having direct person-to-person contact.  When you touch the contaminated surface, it is likely for you to be infected with rhinovirus. The other mode is via aerosol of the respiratory droplet.

Facts about Rhinovirus 3: allergic rhinitis

The main cause of the common cold in many parts of the world is rhinoviruses. People often use the term allergic rhinitis to call the human rhinoviruses.

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Facts about Rhinovirus

Facts about Rhinovirus

Facts about Rhinovirus 4: the symptoms of rhinovirus infection

Cough, sneezing, nasal congestion, runny nose and sore throat are included as the symptoms of rhinovirus infection. In some cases, the infected people also lose their appetite. They also experienced muscle weakness, headache, malaise, fatigue and muscle aches. The people with influenza usually face extreme exhaustion and fever.

Facts about Rhinovirus 5: the kids and cold risk

In a year, it is common for kids to have cold for around six to 12 times.

Facts about Rhinovirus 6: the higher number of cold

The higher number of cold cases occurs during the winter and autumn seasons in United States. The period between Septembers to April has the most infections of cold.

Facts about Rhinovirus 7: the causes

The high number of cold in United States during the period are caused by the temperature, lower ambient and proximity with others.

rhinovirus facts

rhinovirus facts

Facts about Rhinovirus 8: other factors

Other factors might apply such as the wind patterns, humidity, temperature changes, insanitary condition, and poor housing.

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Facts about Rhinovirus 9: the high-risk individuals

The children and elderly are the high-risk individuals infected by rhinovirus.

rhinovirus image

rhinovirus image

Facts about Rhinovirus 10: the occurrence of symptoms

After being infected for two days, the symptoms will occur.

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