10 Facts about Rhodes

Post On: May 2, 2017

Let me show you interesting facts about Rhodes. According to the land area, it is the largest one in Dodecanese islands. In 2011, Rhodes was a home for 50,636 people. The notable nickname of Rhodes is The Island of the Knights. Once, it was conquered by Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem. Thus, it earns the nickname. The Colossus of Rhodes was the notable structure in the city. It was included in the list of Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Check out other interesting facts about Rhodes below:

Facts about Rhodes 1: a World Heritage Site

A World Heritage Site was designated for the Medieval Town of Rhodes. In Europe, it is considered as a popular tourist destination.

Facts about Rhodes

Facts about Rhodes

Facts about Rhodes 2: the interior of Rhodes

The mountainous landscape is the primary feature found in the interior of Rhodes.  Cypress and pine are found in the forests of Rhodes. The population in the interior is sparse.

Facts about Rhodes 3: the arable land

A number of crops are planted in Rhodes on its arable land. You can spot olives, vegetables, wine grapes and citrus fruits here.

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Rhodes Facts

Rhodes Facts

Facts about Rhodes 4: the conversation concern

The people begin to think about the conservation of fallow deer due to its unique genetics and declined population in Rhodes.

Facts about Rhodes 5: tiger moths

During the summer season, the tiger moths can be found in Petaloudes Valley. The name of the valley is taken from Greek word of Valley of Butterflies.

Facts about Rhodes 6: the highest point

The highest point in Rhodes is located at Mount Attavyros. It has the height of 3,990 feet or 1,216 m.

Facts about Rhodes 7: earthquake

Colossus of Rhodes was destroyed by earthquake, which hit the city in 226 BC. Many parts of the city were struck by the earthquake on May 3rd, 1481. On June 26, 1926, the city was hit by a big earthquake again.



Facts about Rhodes 8: a minor damage

A minor damage was spotted in Rhodes due to the earthquake, which hit the city on July 15, 2008. The earthquake has the magnitude of 6.3.

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Facts about Rhodes 9: climate

According to the Koppen Climate classification, it has the hot- summer Mediterranean climate.

Rhodes Map

Rhodes Map

Facts about Rhodes 10: the historical sites

Castle of Monolithos, Temple of Pythian Apollo, Acropolis of Rhodes, Rhodes Old Town, and Acropolis of Lindos are the famous historical sites in Rhodes.

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