10 Facts about Rhodium

Post On: May 3, 2017

The element, which has the symbol Rh, is discussed on Facts about Rhodium.  The atomic number is 45.  This inert transition metal has the hard texture and silvery-white color. It is considered as a rare element. The natural isotope of Rhodium is 103Rh. It is included in the platinum group. In the rare circumstances, Rhodium can be found in rhodplumsite and bowieite. When it occurs naturally, it can be found as a free metal. Let us get other interesting facts about rhodium:

Facts about Rhodium 1: the value

Rhodium is considered as a valuable metal.  This precious metal is very rare on earth.

Facts about Rhodium

Facts about Rhodium

Facts about Rhodium 2: the high price of Rhodium

Rhodium has a very high price because of its impressive characteristics. It is resistant to metal.

Facts about Rhodium 3: William Hyde Wollaston

William Hyde Wollaston discovered rhodium in 1803 in an ore. It was after he discovered palladium. It had reaction with aqua regia.

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Rhodium Pic

Rhodium Pic

Facts about Rhodium 4: the major use

What is the major use of Rhodium? It becomes a catalyst for three-way catalytic converters in automobiles. Almost 80 percent of its production is used for this purpose. It is often mixed with palladium or platinum to create the high quality alloy.

Facts about Rhodium 5: white gold

When people produce white gold, the thin rhodium layer is often used to plate it. It keeps the white gold resistant to corrosion and increases the sterling silver appearance.

Facts about Rhodium 6: nuclear reactors

The people can take measurement on neutron flux level by using rhodium detectors.

Facts about Rhodium 7: the rarity

As I have stated before, rhodium is a rare material. It only accounts for 0.0002 parts per million on the crust of earth. Due to its rarity, the price of rhodium is high in the market.

Rhodium Pictures

Rhodium Pictures

Facts about Rhodium 8: the major source

The major source of Rhodium is located in South Africa. It can be found in North America and Ural Mountains too. South Africa is considered as the primary exporter of Rhodium. In 2010, the production of Rhodium in the country was around 80 percent of the global Rhodium production.

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Facts about Rhodium 9: the price in 2008

Rhodium was sold above $10,000 per ounce or $350,000 per kilogram in 2008.

Rhodium Facts

Rhodium Facts

Facts about Rhodium 10: the price in 2015

The price of Rhodium was 740.00 per Troy ounce according to a report in 2015.

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