10 Facts about Rhone Alpes

Post On: May 3, 2017

Facts about Rhone Alpes tell us about the former administrative region in France. It has been a part of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes as of January 1st, 2016. The name of the region is taken from Rhône and the Alps mountain range. The second largest metropolitan area in France is Lyon, which serves as the capital. There are three primary cities in Rhone Alpes. They are Lyon, Saint-Étienne and Grenoble. The economic center in Rhone Alpes is located in those three cities.

Facts about Rhone Alpes 1: the population

According to a report in 2011, Lyon area was a home for 2,188,759 people. Valence area and Saint-Étienne area were occupied by 175,095 and 508,548 people. Grenoble area was inhabited by 675,122 people.

Facts about Rhone Alpes

Facts about Rhone Alpes

Facts about Rhone Alpes 2: the settler

The Gauls were considered as the first persons who inhabited the region based on the earliest record. They established a number of cities in the region. One of them was Lyon.

Facts about Rhone Alpes 3: as Roman Territory

Julius Caesar invaded the region and made it a Roman territory. It became regions of Lugdunensis and Gallia. During the Roman Occupation, Lyon served as vital city.

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Rhone Alpes Pictures

Rhone Alpes Pictures

Facts about Rhone Alpes 4: a transit hub

Rhone Alpes earns an important status as a transit hub in France. It connects northern France and Europe. During the summer season, many people from Paris will like to visit the region to spend their time at the beach.

Facts about Rhone Alpes 5: a wealthy region

Rhone Alpes has impressive economy. Compared to other French regions, it has higher per capita GDP. It has €31,231 for the per capita GDP.

Facts about Rhone Alpes 6: the sources of economy

Rhone Alpes has varied sources of economy. It is a home to various industries and services. Tourism is also flourished in Rhone Alpes. People will like to visit Aedeche to do camping and adventure sports. The cultural attraction is in Grenoble and Lyon. If you want to enjoy skiing, you can go to Alps.

Facts about Rhone Alpes 7: other major employers

Other major employers in Rhone Alpes are high tech, mechanical engineering, light engineering, biotechnology, optic and many more.

Rhone Alpes Facts

Rhone Alpes Facts

Facts about Rhone Alpes 8: gastronomic centre

If you want to reach the gastronomic center of Rhone Alpes, you just have to go to Lyon.

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Facts about Rhone Alpes 9: the famous dishes

The famous dishes in Rhone Alpes include Lyon sausage, quenelles, salami, gratin Savoyard, and raclette common.

Rhone Alpes

Rhone Alpes

Facts about Rhone Alpes 10: the international event

Winter Olympics had been hosted in Rhone Alpes three times in 1992, 1968 and 1924.

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