10 Facts about Rhubarb

Post On: May 4, 2017
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Facts about Rhubarb give us the insights about an herbaceous species of plant. The stalks are edible. However, the triangular leaves are poisonous. Rhubarb has been used in the culinary world. The crisp texture and strong taste is found on the fresh raw leaf stalks of rhubarb. The people often prepare rhubarb as if it were a fruit. Actually, it is not true fruit. There are a number of desserts, crumbles and pies cooked with the stalks of rhubarb. Let us check other interesting facts about rhubarb below:

Facts about Rhubarb 1: the domesticated rhubarb

The Royal Horticultural Society had domesticated Rheum x hybridum for human consumption. There are many other types of domesticated rhubarbs in the market.

Facts about Rhubarb 2: constipation

The people who have constipation can eat rhubarb for it may function as a cathartic.  This plant contains glycosides, emodin and rhein.

Facts about Rhubarb

Facts about Rhubarb

Facts about Rhubarb 3: growing rhubarb

Many greenhouses plant rhubarb for their personal production. There is no need to wonder that this plant is available all year around.

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Facts about Rhubarb 4: the hothouse rhubarb

Have you ever heard about the hothouse rhubarb? This term is used to call the rhubarb planted inside the heated greenhouse.  In the early spring, people can get rhubarb from consumer markets.

Rhubarb Facts

Rhubarb Facts

Facts about Rhubarb 5: the differences of hothouse rhubarb and outdoor rhubarb

Can you tell the differences between outdoor rhubarbs and hothouse rhubarbs? The latter ones have sweeter taste, more tender texture and brighter red color.

Facts about Rhubarb 6: harvest

The harvesting time for rhubarbs takes place in October or November in the Southern Hemisphere. The people in the Northern Hemisphere will harvest rhubarbs in April or May.

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Facts about Rhubarb 7: the consumption of rhubarbs

The stalks of fresh rhubarbs are glossy and firm. The people can cook or process rhubarbs after they have been harvested.

Facts about Rhubarb 8: the difficulties to plant

The farmers in Russia, Ireland, United Kingdom and other areas in colder climate have difficulty to plant rhubarbs for they are seasonal plants.

Rhubarb Pic

Rhubarb Pic

Facts about Rhubarb 9: the direct sunlight

Rhubarbs can only grow well if they receive the direct sunlight.  It is okay to plant them inside a large container.

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Facts about Rhubarb 10: the uses of rhubarbs

Rhubarbs are often cooked to create desserts and pies. Some people also create pickles and savory dishes from the stalks of rhubarbs.

Are you impressed after reading facts about rhubarbs?