10 Facts about Rhyl

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Let us read Facts about Rhyl in the below explanation. The historic county of Denbighshire houses this seaside resort town. It is a home for 25,149 people according to census in 2011. Rhyl-Kinmel Bay was a home for 31,229 people. On the other hand, more than 60,000 people lived in the conurbation of Abergele-Rhyl-Prestatyn. Rhyl is a famous town in United Kingdom for it has been visited by many tourists in the world.

Facts about Rhyl 1: the images of Rhyl

The images of Rhyl were altered after the World War 2 due to the influx of Manchester and Liverpool. In the past, Rhyl was known as an elegant Victorian resort.

Facts about Rhyl 2: decline

In 1990, Rhyl was rapidly declined.  A series of restoration projects took place to improve the face of Rhyl.

Facts about Rhyl

Facts about Rhyl

Facts about Rhyl 3: seafront

The seafront of Rhyl has attracted a number of major investments from Welsh Government from the European funding.

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Facts about Rhyl 4: Grade II listed buildings

Some Grade II listed buildings are housed in the town. They include the Sussex Street Baptist Church, the Royal Alexandra Hospital, the Midland Bank building, the Welsh Presbyterian Church and the Parish Church of St Thomas in Bath Street. The latter one shows the visitors the impressive style of high Victorian Gothic building.

Rhyl Facts

Rhyl Facts

Facts about Rhyl 5: the Pavilion Theatre

The Pavilion Theatre had five domes. It was an impressive landmark in town. In 1973, this ornate building was demolished.

Facts about Rhyl 6: the notable attractions

If you decide to visit Rhyl, you can enjoy a wide array of notable attractions in the town. It features a high Sky Tower with the height of 76 metres or 250 feet.  You can also visit Rhyl Children’s Village theme park. The Rhyl Suncentre and SeaQuarium are located on East Parade.

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Facts about Rhyl 7: Suncentre

In 1980, Suncentre was opened for public. It is an indoor leisure center. It featured the first indoor surfing pool and a heated swimming pool. The cost of construction reached £4.25m.

Facts about Rhyl 8: Marine Lake

The western part of Rhyl features an artificial excavation. It is called Marine Lake. It has a zoo and fairground rides.

Rhyl Map

Rhyl Map

Facts about Rhyl 9: the opening of Marine Lake

In 1895, the official opening of Rhyl took place. This man-made reservoir covers the area of 12 hectares.

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Facts about Rhyl 10: the prominent people

The prominent people who come from Rhyl include Elliott Hewitt, Ruth Ellis, Wayne Bickerton, Lisa Scott-Lee and Isaac Jenks.

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