10 Facts about Rhythm

Post On: May 5, 2017
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According to Liddell and Scott 1996, Facts about Rhythm is defined as regular recurring motion. This term is taken from the Greek word of rhythmos. Rhythm plays an important role in the performance arts and music. When people read poetry or even speak a language, rhythm usually presents. When people dance, they also take a note on the rhythm. Let us find out other interesting facts about rhythm below:

Facts about Rhythm 1: performing arts

Rhythm is applied in a number of performing arts. Hip-hop music is one of them. The lyrics will be delivered in rhythmic style.

Facts about Rhythm 2: researches

Some scholars are interested to do research related to the rhythm and meter in the recent years.

Facts about Rhythm

Facts about Rhythm

Facts about Rhythm 3: the famous works

The famous works related to rhythm and meter are written by Joel Lester, Christopher Hasty and Maury Yeston.

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Facts about Rhythm 4: composite rhythm

Can you define composite rhythm?  It is noted as the pattern and durations of the sounds in music.

Rhythm Pictures

Rhythm Pictures

Facts about Rhythm 5: approaches of rhythm

From one generation into another generation, people try to develop various approaches of using rhythm. It is found in not only modern music but also traditional one.

Facts about Rhythm 6: the training

The educational policy and national tradition will define the training courses as well as the school of rhythm learned by the students in the western academic setting.  The conservatories, universities and music colleges have developed the learning programs and methods to study rhythm.

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Facts about Rhythm 7: African music

Rhythms are mostly related to the African music.  A simple series of spoken words to study rhythms had been developed by Babatunde Olatunji. The tension between rhythms is defined as the primary component of West African music according to John Miller Chernoff 1979.

Facts about Rhythm 8: Indian music

The oral tradition is spotted to pass the Indian music from one generation to the next generation. Before the tabla players play the musical instrument, they will speak complex rhythm phrases and patterns.



Facts about Rhythm 9: Sheila Chandra

Have you ever heard about Sheila Chandra? The performances of Chandra were based on the rhythm pattern.

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Facts about Rhythm 10: the composers in 20th century

Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Béla Bartók and Igor Stravinsky were the composers in 20th century who created complex music with rhythms and odd meters.

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