10 Facts about Ribosomes

Post On: May 7, 2017

You will get important information about a complex molecular machine, which can be found in all living cells of human being on Facts about Ribosomes. The amino acids will be connected each other through Ribosomes. There are two main elements of Ribosomes. They are the large subunit and small subunit. The former one has something to do with the formation of polypeptide chain. It joins the amino acids. The latter one has the ability to reads RNA. Check other facts about ribosomes below:

Facts about Ribosomes 1: rRNA

rRNA or ribosomal RNA is found in each subunit of ribosome along with ribosomal proteins.

Facts about Ribosomes 2: the translational apparatus

The term the translational apparatus is used to call the Ribosomes and their connected molecules.

Facts about Ribosomes

Facts about Ribosomes

Facts about Ribosomes 3: the first observance

George Emil Palade was the Romanian cell biologist who first observed Ribosomes in 1950s. He spotted dense granules or particles using his electron microscope.
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Facts about Ribosomes 4: the term Ribosomes

In 1958, Richard B. Roberts coined the term ribosome to call the dense granules. The term was well received by other scientists.

Ribosomes Facts

Ribosomes Facts

Facts about Ribosomes 5: the discovery of ribosome

The scientists who had great contribution to the discovery of Ribosomes are George Emil Palade, Christian de Duve and Albert Claude. In 1974, they were awarded with Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine.

Facts about Ribosomes 6: the mechanism and structure

The mechanism and structure of ribosome were defined by Ada E. Yonath, Thomas A. Steitz and Venkatraman Ramakrishnan. Due to the achievement, they were awarded with Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2009.

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Facts about Ribosomes 7: the structure

It is hard to define the structure of ribosome for it is a super complex cellular machine. It consists of many different proteins and rRNA. The number of proteins found in ribosome depends on the species.

Facts about Ribosomes 8: the protein system and translation

The translation control of protein system is at the hand of Ribosomes.

Ribosomes Image

Ribosomes Image

Facts about Ribosomes 9: the regulatory function

The regulatory function of ribosome is explained through the proposal of ribosome filer hypothesis by Vincent Mauro and Gerald Edelman.

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Facts about Ribosomes 10: eukaryotes

The large and small subunits are also found on the Ribosomes of mitochondria and chloroplasts in eukaryotes.  There was a belief that ribosome of eukaryotes had the same characteristics with the ones found in bacteria.

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