10 Facts about Rice University

Post On: May 8, 2017

You will get the interesting information about a private research university on Facts about Rice University.  The official name is William Marsh Rice University. The campus is located in Houston, Texas. It covers the area of 119 hectares or 295 acres. Rice gains a prestigious status. It was named after William Marsh Rice. In 1912, the university was opened after death of Rice. Today, it focused on the undergraduate program. This research university has the student-faculty ratio of 6:1. Let us get other interesting facts about Rice University below:

Facts about Rice University 1: level of research

The research activity in Rice University is very high. In 2011, the research earned the funding of $115.3 million from the sponsor.

Facts about Rice University 2: the applied science programs

Applied science is the main program in Rice University. It covers a number of fields such as signal processing, artificial heart research, nanotechnology, space science, and structural chemical analysis.

Facts about Rice University

Facts about Rice University

Facts about Rice University 3: THE

In 2010, Times Higher Education ranked Rice University as the first university in the world with material science research.

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Facts about Rice University 4: the organization

Rice University has eight schools of academic study and eleven residential colleges. They include School of Humanities, Shepherd School of Music, George R. Brown School of Engineering, Wiess School of Natural Sciences and School of Architecture.

Rice University 1913

Rice University 1913

Facts about Rice University 5: graduate programs

Susanne M. Glasscock School of Continuing Studies, School of Architecture, Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business and Shepherd School of Music offer the students with various graduate programs.

Facts about Rice University 6: Honor Code

Rice University has Honor Code, which should be followed by the students. Honor Council was run by the students whose job is to enforce the Honor Code.

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Facts about Rice University 7: sport

Rice also participates in a number of sports.  University of Houston is considered as the cross-town rival of Rice.

Facts about Rice University 8: the wooded area

Rice has a very large wooded area, which covers 115 hectares or 285 acres of land. University Boulevard, Main Street, Sunset Boulevard, Rice Boulevard and Greenbriar Street are located in the campus.

Rice University Logo

Rice University Logo

Facts about Rice University 9: the off-campus building

The off-campus buildings include Wiess President’s House, Greenbriar building and graduate student housing and Collaborative Research Center.

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Facts about Rice University 10: the on-campus building

The on-campus buildings include residential buildings, academic buildings, and administrative buildings.

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