10 Facts about RiceGum

Post On: May 9, 2017

I will show you the interesting information about a YouTube artist on Facts about RiceGum. His real name is Bryan Le. However, people recognize him more as RiceGum. “This Kids Must Be Stopped” series is considered as the most popular videos of RiceGum, which earns him worldwide fame. Hunter Rowland, Jacob Sartorius and Loren Beech are the famous popular webstars featured in RiceGum’s series. Why don’t you look at the details below for more information about RiceGum?

Facts about RiceGum 1: an account

In October 2012, Lee decided to create an account on Twitter and YouTube.

Facts about RiceGum 2: the first video

RiceGum had his first video launched on the accounts under the title “Call of Duty:Mw3 Gameplay LifeStory:BabySitting:RICEGUM.”

Facts about Ricegum

Facts about Ricegum

Facts about RiceGum 3: Call of Duty content

RiceGum is interested with Call of Duty. This video game is very popular in the world. His initial intention to join YouTube was as a gamer.

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Facts about RiceGum 4: partnership

Do you know that RiceGum and Machinima had professional partnership? The announcement related to their partnership was announced in November 2012.

Ricegum facts

Ricegum facts

Facts about RiceGum 5: in 2016

There was a hot issue of RiceGum in 2016. A video created Taylor Caniff dissed him in the beginning of 2016.  It led him to create “Taylor Caniff Wants To Fight Me” video as a respond.

Facts about RiceGum 6: the fame

Probably RiceGum never realizes that he will be famous someday. People recognize him due to his YouTube videos, which impress the musers and viners.

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Facts about RiceGum 7: the first video

The first video of RiceGum launched on YouTube earned him 15,000 views. The content of the video was centered on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Three gameplay. The video also earned 5000 likes.

Facts about RiceGum 8: the total views

RiceGum is a YouTube celebrity now. Do you know that his videos have earned at least 1,500,000 views?



Facts about RiceGum 9: the followers

Can you guess the followers of RiceGum? He had at least 180,000 followers.

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Facts about RiceGum 10: “These Kids Must Be Stopped”

“These Kids Must Be Stopped” video earns him more success, which obtained more than 800,000 subscribers in his account. Moreover, the video also gets 200,000 likes and 7.5 million views.

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