10 Facts about Richard Allen

Post On: May 10, 2017

Let us find out the information about one of the most influential black leaders in United States on Facts about Richard Allen. Allen is known as a writer, educator and minister. He was born on 14 February 1760 and died on March 26th, 1831. The first independent black denomination in US was established by Allen. It was called AME or African Methodist Episcopal Church in 1794. The first Church of AME was opened in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1794. Here are other facts to notice about Allen.

Facts about Richard Allen 1: the first bishop

In 1816, Allen served as the first bishop of AME Church. He tried to focus on the organization of the denomination so that the slaves and free blacks did not have to face any racial oppression when worshiping the God.

Facts about Richard Allen 2: black community

Allen contributed much to increase the life of the black community.  Literacy was taught in Sabbath school so that the blacks could earn higher social status. The political strategies would be developed through the promotion of national organizations of black people.

Richard Allen

Richard Allen

Facts about Richard Allen 3: the early life of Allen

Allen was born on 14th February 1760 as a slave. His master was Benjamin Chew who owned Delaware property.

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Facts about Richard Allen 4: Stokeley Sturgis

Stokeley Sturgis was the new master of Allen and his family when they were sold by Chew. Three of his five siblings and his mother were sold to cover the financial problem of Sturgis.



Facts about Richard Allen 5: the local Methodist Society

The local Methodist Society accepted the free black and slaves to come to the local meetings. Therefore, Richard, his sister and brother came to the meeting. Sturgis encouraged them to the meeting even though he was not converted.

Facts about Richard Allen 6: reading and writing

Allen tried hard to learn writing and reading. When he was 17, he became a Methodist.

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Facts about Richard Allen 7: Reverend Freeborn Garrettson

Reverend Freeborn Garrettson had his preaching in Delaware. In 1775, this man freed his slaves. He encouraged other slaveholders to emancipate their slaves after the American Revolutionary War.

Facts about Richard Allen 8: preaching

Garrettson gave his preaching to Sturgis. He realized that owning slaves was sinful. Therefore, he offered his slaves to buy their freedom.

Facts about Richard Allen

Facts about Richard Allen

Facts about Richard Allen 9: freedom

In 1780, Allen was capable to buy his freedom from Sturgis after he worked extra hard to earn the cash.

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Facts about Richard Allen 10: changing name

After he was freed, he altered his name into Richard Allen from Negro Richard.

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