10 Facts about Richard Branson

Post On: May 12, 2017

You will get the interesting information about the famous business magnate on Facts about Richard Branson. He was born on July 18th, 1950. Branson was known as a philanthropist and investor.  Virgin Group was established by Branson. It has at least 400 companies. When he was very young, he was interested to become an entrepreneur.  A magazine under the title Student is considered as the first business venture of Branson.

Facts about Richard Branson 1: in 1970s

Branson established a mail-order record business in 1970. Then he founded Virgin Records in 1972. It was a chain of record stores. Then the stores were recognized as Virgin Megastores.

Facts about Richard Branson 2: the growth and development

In 1980s, The Virgin brand of Branson was well developed.  The brand also covered a music and airline business. He established Virgin Records music label and Virgin Atlantic airline.

Facts about Richard Branson

Facts about Richard Branson

Facts about Richard Branson 3: the honor

One of the highest honors for Branson is the knighthood. Due to his service to entrepreneurship, Buckingham Palace knighted him in March 2000.

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Facts about Richard Branson 4: a notable figure

In the British culture, Branson appears as a notable figure due to his philanthropic work, adventure, transport, and music and retail business.

Richard Branson Facts

Richard Branson Facts

Facts about Richard Branson 5: BBC’s poll

In the list of 100 Greatest Britons, Branson was included in the list according to a poll of BBC in 2002.

Facts about Richard Branson 6: the estimated net worth

The estimated networth of Branson was $5.2 billion according to the report of Forbes in 2016.

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Facts about Richard Branson 7: the birthplace and early life

The birthplace of Branson was located in Blackheath, London. His mother was Eve Branson. His father was a barrister named Edward James Branson. His grandfather earned an important post in the High Court of Justice for he was judge. He was the Right Honourable Sir George Arthur Harwin.

Facts about Richard Branson 8: the various business ventures

Branson has a number of various business ventures. In 1984, he established Virgin Atlantic Airways. In 1999, Virgin Mobile was founded. In 2000, he had Virgin Blue in Australia. Now it is called Virgin Australia.

Richard Branson

Richard Branson

Facts about Richard Branson 9: investment

Branson is also known as an investor. He made an announcement to invest on the drone company 3D robotics in September 2014.

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Facts about Richard Branson 10: criticism

Even though he is super rich, some people criticize him due to his business strategy.

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