10 Facts about Richard Connell

Post On: May 12, 2017

Facts about Richard Connell will tell the readers about the famous American journalist and author. He was born on 17th October 1893 and died on 22nd November 1949. His full name was Richard Edward Connell, Jr. “The Most Dangerous Game” released in 1924 is considered as the famous short story of Connell. During his career, he is always known as a prominent American short story writer. Let us check other interesting facts about Connell below:

Facts about Richard Connell 1: the publications

Collier’s magazines and The Saturday Evening Post featured the stories of Connell.

Facts about Richard Connell 2: the successful career

Connell was not only a successful writer. He was also a successful screenwriter and journalist. Meet John Doe was a movie, which made him, earn a nomination for best original story for an Academy Award in 1942.

Richard Connell Nice Girls

Richard Connell Nice Girls

Facts about Richard Connell 3: screenplay

Connell had created a number of screenplays. He became the screenplay writer for Love on Toast (1937), Her Highness and the Bellboy (1945), The Milky Way (1936), Nice Girl? (1941), Hired Wife (1940), Two Girls and a Sailor (1944), Luxury Liner (1948), and Doctor Rhythm (1938).

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Facts about Richard Connell 4: novelist

Connell was also a great novelist. He wrote What Ho! (1937), Playboy (1936), Murder at Sea (1929) and The Mad Lover (1927).

Richard Connell Milky Way

Richard Connell Milky Way

Facts about Richard Connell 5: short stories

The short stories of Connell had been published in 1922 under the title The Sin of Monsieur Pettipon and other humorous tales. The Most Dangerous Games was included in Variety (1925). The man who could imitate a bee was a story included in Apes and Angels (1970).

Facts about Richard Connell 6: Nice Girl?

Nice Girl? adapted into screenplay by Connell for a musical film. The cast of the movie included Robert Stack, Deanna Durbin, Walter Brennan, Franchot Tone and Robert Benchley. The film director was William A. Seiter.

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Facts about Richard Connell 7: Rio Rita

Another screenplay of Conell was Rio Rita.  This comedy film was released in 1942. Costello and Abbott were the stars in the movie.

Facts about Richard Connell 8: the adaptation

Rio Rita was adapted from the Broadway musical by Flo Ziegfeld in 1927. Actually, the previous movie was also available released in 1929.

Facts about Richard Connell

Facts about Richard Connell

Facts about Richard Connell 9: Doctor Rhythm

Another screenplay of Connell was Doctor Rhythm. This musical comedy movie was released in 1938. The stars of the movies included Bing Crosby, Andy Devine, Beatrice Lillie and Mary Carlisle.

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Facts about Richard Connell 10: the adaptation of Doctor Rhythm

The story of Doctor Rhythm was adapted from The Badge of Policeman O’Roon. The famous songs in the movies included “My Heart Is Taking Lessons” and “On the Sentimental Side”.

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