10 Facts about Richard Cromwell

Post On: May 13, 2017

You will be informed with Lord Protector of England, Ireland and Scotland on Facts about Richard Cromwell. He was born on October 4th, 1626 and died on July 12th, 1712. Cromwell earned an important position in England due to his father, Oliver Cromwell. He appeared as the head of state in England after inheriting the post from his father. He had lack of authority even though he became Lord Protector. Let us get other useful facts about Cromwell below:

Facts about Richard Cromwell 1:  mediation

He tried to create mediation between the civilians and army. Many disaffected Royalist and Presbyterians were allowed by Cromwell to become members of parliament.

Facts about Richard Cromwell 2: the problems of Cromwell

Cromwell had to face a number of problems during his reign as the head of state. He only had lack of legitimacy and coherence as the head of state in the English government because he had no king-like figure.

Facts about Richard Cromwell

Facts about Richard Cromwell

Facts about Richard Cromwell 3: the troops of Cromwell

The troops of Cromwell were not powerful enough to fight against the troops of General George Monck. In 1660, the restoration took place after Cromwell was defeated.

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Facts about Richard Cromwell 4: resignation

Cromwell decided to resign from his post as the head of state. Then he left England to live abroad. During the last years of his life, he came back to his estate in England. He died at the age of 80s.

Richard Cromwell Coat of Arms

Richard Cromwell Coat of Arms

Facts about Richard Cromwell 5: descendants

The reports said that Cromwell did not have any descendants for his children did not produce any offspring.

Facts about Richard Cromwell 6: the birthplace and parents

The birthplace of Cromwell was located Huntingdon.  His mother was Elizabeth. His father was the famous Oliver Cromwell. He was the third son in the family. The information related to his childhood is not known. He attended Felsted School in Essex for his education. Whether he was enrolled in a university is not known.

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Facts about Richard Cromwell 7: marriage

His wife was Dorothy Maijor. The couple married in 1649. His father-in-law was a member of Hampshire gentry, Richard Maijor.

Facts about Richard Cromwell 8: children

The couple was blessed with nine children as of 1650s. However, only five of them lived until adulthood.

Richard Cromwell Facts

Richard Cromwell Facts

Facts about Richard Cromwell 9: the early post

The early post for Cromwell was as Justice of the Peace for Hampshire.

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Facts about Richard Cromwell 10: as the successor

On September 3rd, 1658, his father, Oliver Cromwell passed away. Richard was informed that he became the successor of his father in that same day.

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