10 Facts about Richard Dawkins

Post On: May 13, 2017

You will know more about the English ethologist on Facts about Richard Dawkins. He was born on March 26th, 1941. Dawkins is also recognized as an author.  In 1995 until 2008, he earned the post as Professor for Public Understanding of Science for University of Oxford. He also takes the role as an emeritus fellow for New College, Oxford. The term meme was introduced by Dawkins. He also held to popularize the gene-centered view of evolution in his book, The Selfish Gene published in 1976. Let us check other impressive facts about Dawkins below:

Facts about Richard Dawkins 1: the phenotypic effects of a gene

The phenotypic effects of a gene are explained by Dawkins in his book published in 1982 under the title The Extended Phenotype.

Facts about Richard Dawkins 2: religious view

Dawkins is also famous due to his criticism on the intelligent design and creationism for he described himself as an atheist.

Richard Dawkins Pic

Richard Dawkins Pic

Facts about Richard Dawkins 3: a foundation

Dawkins had a foundation that he established in 2006. It was called Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science.

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Facts about Richard Dawkins 4: other works

Dawkins also had other famous works.  In 1986, he published The Blind Watchmaker. In 2006, he published The God Delusion. In the latter work, he believed that religious faith is only a delusion.

Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins

Facts about Richard Dawkins 5: awards and honors

Due to his thoughts and works, Dawkins had earned various honors and awards.

Facts about Richard Dawkins 6:  public appearances

Dawkins has a regular public appearance on the internet, radio and TV. He will talk as a public intellectual to discuss his opinions and ideas. People are also interested to know about his atheism and books.

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Facts about Richard Dawkins 7: the birthplace of Dawkins

The birthplace of Dawkins was located in the then British Kenya, Nairobi. His father is an agricultural servant in Nyasaland, Clinton John Dawkins. His mother is Jean Mary Vyvyan. During the Second World War, his father took part in King’s African Rifles.

Facts about Richard Dawkins 8: the childhood

Dawkins was raised as a Christian. He stopped believing in a god after he realized that the complexity of life was explained perfectly in the theory of evolution.

Richard Dawkins Facts

Richard Dawkins Facts

Facts about Richard Dawkins 9: teaching

In University of California, Berkeley, he became an assistant professor of zoology from 1967 until 1969.

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Facts about Richard Dawkins 10:  other posts

In 1970, he became a lecturer at University of Oxford. He was a reader in zoology in 1990.

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