10 Facts about Richard II

Post On: May 16, 2017

Look at facts about Richard II if you want to know one of the notable kings of England. He was born on January 6, 1367 and died on February 14th, 1400.  He took the throne of England in 1377. He stepped down as the king on September 30th, 1399. He was also recognized as Richard of Bordeaux. His father was the Black Prince named Edward. Richard II was born when Edward III, his grandfather was on the throne. Let us find out more details about Richard II below:

Facts about Richard II 1: Edward of Angoulême

Edward of Angoulême was the brother of Richard II. Due to the death of Edward, Richard was put at the second line for the succession of English throne. The first line was for his father.

Facts about Richard II 2: Richard as the heir

Richard became the heir of the throne of England since his father passed away before Edward III. When Richard was 10, his grandfather died. Therefore, he became the king of England.

Facts about Richard II

Facts about Richard II

Facts about Richard II 3: councils

A series of councils controlled the government during the first years of Richard’s reign. Actually, John of Gaunt was considered as the most favorable person to step up as the king of England according to the aristocracy. He was the uncle of Richard. Even though john was not a king, he was an influential person in the government.

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Facts about Richard II 4: an important event

In 1381, the Peasants’ Revolt occurred during the reign of Richard II. The suppression of this crisis was contributed highly due to the action of Richard II.


Richard II Coin

Richard II Coin

Facts about Richard II 5: the Lords Appellant

The Lords Appellant took over the government in 1387 for the king was more dependent on few courtiers.

Facts about Richard II 6: in 1389

Richard was capable to take over the government again by 1389. He established a great harmony with his opponent in the next eight years.

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Facts about Richard II 7: revenge

Many members of the Lords Appellant were executed and exiled by Richard II in 1399. Richard appeared as a tyrant.

Facts about Richard II 8: Henry of Bolingbroke

Henry of Bolingbroke was the son of Gaunt who had been exiled by Richard. In June 1399, Henry invaded England and claimed the throne of England.

Richard II Facts

Richard II Facts

Facts about Richard II 9: the new king

Henry of Bolingbroke was capable to take over the reign by deposing Richard II.

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Facts about Richard II 10: death of Richard II

In February 1400, Richard died in captivity.

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