10 Facts about Richard III

Post On: May 17, 2017

Facts about Richard III talk about the King of England who died at the age of 32.  He became the king in 1483. He had to let go the throne of England due to his death in 1485. He was born on October 2, 1452 and died on August 22nd, 1485. He was the last king from the Plantagenet dynasty and House of York. The Battle of Bosworth Field marked the end of the Richard III’s reign as the king of England. Find out other interesting facts about Richard III below:

Facts about Richard III 1: Wars of Roses

When we talk about the history of England, we should never forget the Wars of Roses. Middle Ages in England ended after the death of Richard III.

Facts about Richard III 2: the historical play

William Shakespeare created a historical play based on the story of Richard III.

Facts about Richard III

Facts about Richard III

Facts about Richard III 3: the brother of Richard III

In April 1483, King Edward IV passed away. He was the brother of Richard III. He had a son the future Edward V.  He was only 12 years old when his father died. Therefore, Richard became his Lord Protector.

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Facts about Richard III 4: Tower of London

Richard III sent the young king, Edward V to the Tower of London when Edward was in the journey to Ludlow from London. After that, Richard of Shrewsbury, the brother of Edward V was also held as captive in the Tower of London.

Richard III Facts

Richard III Facts

Facts about Richard III 5: the complicated succession line

The succession line was complicated for Edward V since he was considered as an illegitimate child of his father. Therefore, he could not be crowned as the new king of England. On July 6th, 1483, Richard III claimed the throne and had his life as a king of England.

Facts about Richard III 6: the disappearance of Edward V

A speculation arose that Edward V was killed under the order of Richard for he disappeared after August.

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Facts about Richard III 7: the legend

The sudden disappearance of Edward V led into the development of Princes in the Tower Legend.

Facts about Richard III 8: rebellions

Richard III had to face two main rebellions during his reign. The allies of Edward IV launched the first rebellion in October 1483.

Richard III Pictures

Richard III Pictures

Facts about Richard III 9: the second rebellion

The second rebellion was launched by Henry Tudor and Jasper Tudor in August 1485.

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Facts about Richard III 10: the death of Richard III

Richard III died during the Battle of Bosworth. Henry Tudor’s army defeated Richard’s.

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