10 Facts about Richard Peck

Post On: May 18, 2017

Facts about Richard Peck present the details about the American novelist. He was born on 5th April 1934. The works of Peck are focused for young adults. His famous novel A Year down Yonder was awarded with Newbery Medal in 2001.  It is the sequel of A Long Way from Chicago. His full name is Richard Wayne Peck.

Facts about Richard Peck 1: the young-adult literature

In 1990, American Library Association gave him Margaret A. Edwards Award due to his contribution to the young-adult literature.

Facts about Richard Peck 2: the birthplace

The birthplace of Peck was located in Illinois.  His father was Wayne Peck, while his mother was Virginia Grey Peck.

A Long Way from Chicago

A Long Way from Chicago

Facts about Richard Peck 3: education

Peck attended the schools in Decatur for his early education. His early career was a teacher for high school students. However, he had to teach English for the junior high school due to his transfer. It made him disappointed.

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Facts about Richard Peck 4: writing

He had great materials to write novels from his observation when being a junior high school teacher.

A Year Down Yonder

A Year Down Yonder

Facts about Richard Peck 5: higher education

In 1956, Peck graduated with a bachelor degree in England from DePauw University. He was at University of Exeter for his junior year. He was a member of Delta Chi fraternity.

Facts about Richard Peck 6: the life after college

He became a chaplain’s Assistant after joining the United States Army. He was in Stuttgart, Germany for the army service for two years.

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Facts about Richard Peck 7: a master degree

In 1959, Peck had his master degree from Southern Illinois University after he ended the military service. Then, he became an English teacher for junior high and high school students.

Facts about Richard Peck 8: writing the first novel

Don’t Look and It Won’t Hurt was the first novel of Peck. He wrote it after he resigned from teaching in 1971. In 1972, Holt, Rinehart and Winston published the novel.

Facts about Richard Peck

Facts about Richard Peck

Facts about Richard Peck 9: the number of books

In 41 years, Peck has written at least 41 books during his career as a writer.

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Facts about Richard Peck 10: the later life

Peck likes writing and traveling. He has to divide his time for both leisure activities. Now he settles in New York. His works have been adapted into movies. One of them is his 1976 novel Are You in the House Alone?. It was adapted into a thriller film for TV in 1978.

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