10 Facts about Richard Sherman

Post On: May 20, 2017

Facts about Richard Sherman present the interesting information about the American football cornerback. He was born on 30th March 1988. He plays for NFL or National Football League with his club Seattle Seahawks. He served as a cornerback and a wide receiver during his college years at Stanford. He made to the list of 2012 NFL Draft of the Seahawks for the fifth round. Let us find out other impressive facts about Sherman below:

Facts about Richard Sherman 1: an active player

Sherman is known as an active player in the world for he had the most defended passes and interceptions.

Facts about Richard Sherman 2: the record of Seahawks

In 2013, Seahawks had impressive performance in NFL, which coined the term Legion of Boom. Sherman is a part of it.

Facts about Richard Sherman

Facts about Richard Sherman

Facts about Richard Sherman 3: the first Super Bowl

In February 2014, Seahawks were capable to win their first Super Bowl due to the contribution of the unit.

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Facts about Richard Sherman 4: the record deal

The record deal of Sherman reached a $57.4 million contract for his extension with Seahawks. Therefore, he appeared as one of the highest-paid defensive players of NFL in May 2014.

Richard Sherman Facts

Richard Sherman Facts

Facts about Richard Sherman 5: the birthplace

The birthplace of Sherman was located in Compton, California. He was educated at Dominguez High School. He was excellent in track and field and football.

Facts about Richard Sherman 6: the career as a senior

He created 1,030 all-purpose yards in 2005 when he earned a status as a senior.

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Facts about Richard Sherman 7: Stanford University

Sherman went to Stanford University after he got athletic scholarship. In 2006 until 2010, he became a member of Stanford Cardinal football team.

Facts about Richard Sherman 8: graduation

He received an undergraduate degree in communications after he graduated in 2010 from Stanford University. He was interested to pursue a master degree from Stanford.

Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman

Facts about Richard Sherman 9: the award

Sherman earned a nomination for Best Breakthrough Athlete in ESPN award. In Madden 15, he became the cover athlete.

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Facts about Richard Sherman 10: in 2015 season

In 2015, Sherman earned the third title as straight Pro Bowl. In 2016, he made to the list of NFL Top 100 Players at no.20.

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