10 Facts about Richard Shilling

Post On: May 19, 2017

Facts about Richard Shilling talk about the famous land artist from Great Britain. He was born in 1973. Now he works in North West of England. His works are focused on the sculpture and land art. Shilling is also noted as the artist in residence for The Middlewood Trust, Roeburndale and Beacon Fell Country Park, Lancashire. The sculpture that he makes is created from the natural materials. Let us check other interesting facts about Richard Shilling below:

Facts about Richard Shilling 1: the photos of his sculpture

The photos of his sculpture are taken using the normal camera. The photos are not edited with any Photoshop.

Facts about Richard Shilling 2: the vibrant

The artworks reflect the natural beauty of vibrant colors.  He is capable to develop the unique land art images by exploring the nature.  The works reflect the changes of seasons, ecology and time.

Facts about Richard Shilling

Facts about Richard Shilling

Facts about Richard Shilling 3: the official pictures of his works

If you are interested to know more pictures or photos of Shilling’s artworks, you can visit his official blog.

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Facts about Richard Shilling 4: land art

Land art is very popular today. Shilling is one of the notable land artists from Britain.  The movement of land art began in the end of 1960s and 1970s. The term land art was coined by the famous Robert Smithson.

Richard Shilling Land Art

Richard Shilling Land Art

Facts about Richard Shilling 5: what is land art?

Land art involves the usage of natural materials and landscape to form sculpture.

Facts about Richard Shilling 6: the inspiration

Shilling was inspired to become a land artist after he saw the Andy Goldsworthy sculpture when he was in a wild place. Therefore, he called himself as an accidental artist. The work really amazed him. Goldsworthy’s works inspired him. It gave him insights and ideas to create his own land art.

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Facts about Richard Shilling 7: the process to create a land art

Before Shilling created his land art, he would wander around the nature without any ideas. He would be inspired after seeing the beautiful leaf and unique shaped rocks.

Facts about Richard Shilling 8: the adult’s and children’s land art

He believed that there is no difference between the land art for children and adults.

Richard Shilling

Richard Shilling

Facts about Richard Shilling 9: Land Art for Kids

Land Art for Kids was the book written by Shilling and Julia to encourage kids to stay closer with nature.

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Facts about Richard Shilling 10: kids and land art

Shilling believes that kids should be encouraged to enjoy natural activity such as land art so that they will not spend the entire time watching TV.

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