10 Facts about Richard Trevithick

Post On: May 21, 2017

If you read Facts about Richard Trevithick, you will learn about the famous mining engineer and inventor from Great Britain. He was born on April 13th, 1771 and died on April 22nd, 1833.  He came from Cornwall, England. The birthplace of Trevithick was located in Cornwall. His father was a mining captain. During his early age, he had involved with engineering and mining due to the mining environment in his hometown. Let us check other interesting facts about Trevithick below:

Facts about Richard Trevithick 1: school time

During his school period, Trevithick did not do well. However, he was capable to become a great figure in rail transport and steal-powered road.

Facts about Richard Trevithick 2: the important contribution

Trevithick was capable to develop the first high-pressure steam engine. It was considered as the most important contribution of Trevithick during his career. He also took the credit as the creator for the railway steam locomotive built in a full scale.

Facts about Richard the Lionheart

Facts about Richard the Lionheart

Facts about Richard Trevithick 3: the worldwide career

Trevithick decided to focus on his work outside Great Britain. He was in Peru to work as a mining consultant. He also worked in Costa Rica.

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Facts about Richard Trevithick 4: the professional career

The professional career of Trevithick was not always smooth. He had to face up and down. During the period, he had to compete with other steam and mining engineers. At the worst point of his life, his economic life was ruined.

Richard Trevithick Facts

Richard Trevithick Facts

Facts about Richard Trevithick 5: the peak of his career

During the peak of his career, Trevithick was known as a respectable figure in the engineering and mining industry. However, he had to draw himself from the public during the later years of his life.

Facts about Richard Trevithick 6: the birthplace

The birthplace of Trevithick was located in Tregajorran.  It was located between Camborne and Redruth.

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Facts about Richard Trevithick 7: physical appearance

Trevithick was tall at that time. He was measured at 6 feet and 2 inches. During his school period, he focused more on sport.

Facts about Richard Trevithick 8: personal life

Jane Harvey of Hayle was the wife of Trevithick. Both of them married in 1797. The couple was blessed with six kids.

Richard Trevithick

Richard Trevithick

Facts about Richard Trevithick 9: kids

Trevithick raised six children. They were Richard Trevithick, Anne Ellis, Elizabeth Banfield, John Harvey Trevithick, Francis Trevithick and Frederick Henry Trevithick.

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Facts about Richard Trevithick 10: legacy

The Trevithick Society was named after Richard Trevithick. This organization was related to Industrial Archaeology.

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