10 Facts about Richard Wagner

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Let me show you the interesting information about the notable German composer on Facts about Richard Wagner. He was born on May 22nd, 1813 and died on February 13th, 1883. He was also known as a conductor, polemicist, and theatre director. People recognize him more due to his amazing works on opera. A number of his later works are based under music dramas. His full name is Wilhelm Richard Wagner.

Facts about Richard Wagner 1: impressive composer

Wagner is considered as an impressive composer for he created not only the music but also the libretto of the opera.

Facts about Richard Wagner 2: the concept

Wagner had a unique concept of his opera. It was called total work of art of Gesamtkunstwerk. He created a revolutionary vision using this concept.

Facts about Richard Wagner

Facts about Richard Wagner

Facts about Richard Wagner 3: essays

Between 1849 and 1852, Wagner published a number of essays, which discussed the vision of his concept.

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Facts about Richard Wagner 4: the later compositions

The later compositions of Wagner featured the complex use of leitmotifs, elaborate textures, rich orchestration and impressive harmonies.

Richard Wagner Minna

Richard Wagner Minna

Facts about Richard Wagner 5: Bayreuth Festspielhaus

Bayreuth Festspielhaus was the name of the opera house established by Wagner.

Facts about Richard Wagner 6: the premier

Bayreuth Festspielhaus was the location of the premier of The Ring and Parsifal. The descendants of Wagner continued to use the opera house to launch the yearly Bayreuth Festival.

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Facts about Richard Wagner 7: the traditional forms

Wagner tried to infuse the traditional forms of music in his later works. One of the examples is The Mastersingers of Nuremberg or Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg.

Facts about Richard Wagner 8: the life of Wagner

The life of Wagner was not as smooth as you might think. He had to deal with repeated flight from creditors, poverty, love affairs and political affair.  Since the end of 20th century, people had extensive comment related to his controversial works on politics, drama and music.

Richard Wagner Signature

Richard Wagner Signature

Facts about Richard Wagner 9: the birthplace

The birthplace of Wagner was located in Leipzig. His family was German.

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Facts about Richard Wagner 10: as playwright

Wagner was interested to become a playwright after he saw Carl Maria von Weber’s opera Der Freischütz.

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