10 Facts about Richard Wisker

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Get the interesting information about an English actor on Facts about Richard Wisker. He is also known as a musician, singer and presenter. He was born on February 1, 1995. He took part in Tracy Beaker Returns as Liam O’Donovan. He also participates in Dani’s Castle as Rich in 2013 until 2015 aired in CBBC. Let me show you other important facts about Wisker:

Facts about Richard Wisker 1: the TV debut

In 2008, Wisker was debuted on TV when he took part in The Bill. It was a British police drama where Wisker earned a guest star role.

Facts about Richard Wisker 2: the role in The Bill

He took part in “Hold Me Tight” in the Bill for two episodes where he portrayed Mason Kemble.

facts about Richard Wisker

facts about Richard Wisker

Facts about Richard Wisker 3: Jono Blake

You can also see his appearance in Law & Order UK as Jono Blake, which marked his return on TV screen.

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Facts about Richard Wisker 4: The Sarah Jane Adventures

In 2010, Wisker was seen in “Lost in Time” for two episodes in The Sarah Jane Adventures as a guest star. He portrayed George Woods.

Richard Wisker Facts

Richard Wisker Facts

Facts about Richard Wisker 5: the prominent role

The most prominent role of Wisker, which made him earned more attention, was in Tracy Beaker returns broadcasted on CBBC drama. He portrayed Liam O’Donovan.

Facts about Richard Wisker 6: as a presenter

As I have stated before, Wisker is also known as a presenter. He works for CBBC Channel as a presenter for Friday Download in May 2011. It was an entertainment series for kids. He presented the program with Aidan Davis, Ceallach Spellman,  Dionne Bromfield, Georgia Lock and Tyger Drew-Honey. The show lasted for nine series.

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Facts about Richard Wisker 7: Best Actor

Do you know that he earned a nomination for Best Actor in BAFTA 2010?

Facts about Richard Wisker 8: as a singer

It seems that Wisker is a multitalented entertainer. Stratford Centre signed him as a singer. The debut single of Wisker was released in March 2012.

Richard Wisker

Richard Wisker

Facts about Richard Wisker 9: Dani’s Castle

Dani’s Castle was a comedy aired in CBBC. Wisker played Rick in 2013 until 2015. He also took part in Up All Night Movie.

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Facts about Richard Wisker 10: other works

In 2014, Wisker appeared on one episode as Daniel Pemberley in Casualty. In 2012, he took part for one episode in Stepping Up as Luca Wilby II.

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