10 Facts about Richard Wright

Post On: May 22, 2017

You will be informed with the famous American author on Facts about Richard Wright. He was born on 4th September 1908 and died on 28th November 1960.  He had written non-fiction, poems, short stories and novels. Some of them contain controversial subjects. Most of his works talk about racism faced by the Africa American people in the end of 19th and mid-20th centuries. Let us find out other interesting facts about Wright below:

Facts about Richard Wright 1: racism

Wright focused on racism as the primary subject in his literary works. The African Americans had to face the violence and discrimination in the North and South narrated in the works of Wright.

Facts about Richard Wright 2: the literary critics

The literary critics believed that Wright’s works had significant role to alter the relationships of races in United States.

Facts about Richard Wright

Facts about Richard Wright

Facts about Richard Wright 3: the birthplace

The birthplace of Wright was located at Rucker’s Plantation, Natchez, Mississippi. His mother was Ella Wilson, while his father was Nathan Wright. Both of his parents were free since both were born after the American civil war. As a result, both of his grandparents were freed as slaves.

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Facts about Richard Wright 4: relocating to New York

Wright relocated to New York in 1937. During the period, he created essay of Harlem published in a book and New York Panorama published in 1938.

Richard Wright Facts

Richard Wright Facts

Facts about Richard Wright 5: a Communist newspaper

Wright was positioned as an editor in a Communist newspaper for the Daily Worker. He had created at least 200 articles in the summer and fall seasons for the newspaper.

Facts about Richard Wright 6: “Fire and Cloud”

“Fire and Cloud” was a short story of Wright, which made him, earned the first prize of $500 from Story Magazine.

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Facts about Richard Wright 7: national attention

Wright earned the national attention after he published Uncle Tom’s Children in 1938. It consisted of four short stories.

Facts about Richard Wright 8: lynching

Wright brought the issue of lynching which occurred on the African Americans in Deep South in his literary works.

Richard Wright

Richard Wright

Facts about Richard Wright 9: Native Son

In 1940, Wright started to write Native Son when he was in Harlem. He was capable to move to Harlem due to the cash that he earned from the excellent sales of his collection.

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Facts about Richard Wright 10: criticism

Even though Wright had earned a number of awards, prizes and honors, criticism still occurs due to his depiction on violence.

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