10 Facts about Rick Hansen

Post On: May 24, 2017

You will be informed with the famous Canadian Paralympics on Facts about Rick Hansen. He was born on August 26th, 1957 as Richard Marvin Hansen. He is known more as Rick Hansen.  People also recognize him due to his philanthropic works for the disabled people and activism. When he was 15 years old, he had a pickup truck accident.  His spinal cord was injured which made him into a paraplegic. Let us find out other interesting facts about Rick Hansen below:

Facts about Rick Hansen 1:  Hall of Fame

In 2006, Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame inducted his name due to his contribution in the sporting event.

Facts about Rick Hansen 2: the prominence

Hansen appeared as a prominent figure due to his Man in Motion World Tour.

Facts about Rick Hansen

Facts about Rick Hansen

Facts about Rick Hansen 3: torchbearer

Hansen took an important role during the Winter Olympics 2010 and Winter Olympics 1988 as a torchbearer in the final.  During the Winter Paralympics Opening Ceremony in 2010, his name was cited and profiled.

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Facts about Rick Hansen 4: the birthplace

The birthplace of Hansen was located in Port Alberni, British Columbia. He was raised in Williams Lake. He was excelled in five sports and had earned all-star awards during his youth.

Rick Hansen Facts

Rick Hansen Facts

Facts about Rick Hansen 5: a spinal cord injury

A spinal cord injury changed his life.  At the age of 15, he was involved in a truck accident, which made him paralyzed.

Facts about Rick Hansen 6: physical disability

The physical disability never made him desperate for he was capable to complete his high school. Moreover, he earned a degree from University of British Columbia.

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Facts about Rick Hansen 7: national championship

Even though he was paralyzed, Hansen was capable to become an athlete. He was a part of a wheelchair basketball and wheelchair volleyball teams who earned national championships. He also appeared as an excellent winner for Paralympics and wheelchair marathoner.

Facts about Rick Hansen 8: racing

During the Summer Paralympics in 1980 and 1984, he took part in wheelchair racing. He gained one bronze, two silver and three gold medals.

Rick Hansen

Rick Hansen

Facts about Rick Hansen 9: as a coach

Hansen was also known as a coach. He had taught volleyball and basketball at school.

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Facts about Rick Hansen 10: family life

Hansen is very close to his grandfather and father. They like to go fishing together in spare time.

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