10 Facts about Rick Perry

Post On: May 25, 2017

Facts about Rick Perry present the information about the American politician. He was born on 4th March 1950. His full name is James Richard Perry. He serves in the Trump administration as the Secretary of Energy for United States. In December 2000 until January 2015, Perry earned the position as the 47th Governor of Texas. In 1998, he won the election as the Lieutenant Governor of Texas. Do you know that Perry is a Republican? Let us get other interesting facts about Rick Perry by reading the below post.

Facts about Rick Perry 1: the record in Texas history

In the history of Texas, Perry takes the title as the longest-serving governor. He earns three terms as the governor of Texas.

Facts about Rick Perry 2: presidential election

Perry was interested to become a president of United States. In 2012 and 2016, he tried to win the place. However, he failed the Republican nomination.

Facts about Rick Perry

Facts about Rick Perry

Facts about Rick Perry 3: Secretary of Energy

Trump was interested to make Perry as Secretary of Energy in his cabinet on 14 December 2016. United States Senate approved it on 2 March 2017.

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Facts about Rick Perry 4: the career in 1984

Perry was a democrat when he won the election in the House of Representative in Texas. He came from district 64.

Rick Perry Facts

Rick Perry Facts

Facts about Rick Perry 5: Al Gore

When Al Gore followed Democratic presidential primaries, Perry gave him his support. Moreover, he also participated during Al Gore’s campaign.

Facts about Rick Perry 6: as a Republican

It is very surprising to know that Perry decided to become a Republican. He made an announcement about it on 29th September 1989.

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Facts about Rick Perry 7: Agriculture Commissioner

Perry earned the position as Agriculture Commissioner. The primary responsibility is related to the promotion of Texas farm. He was re-elected for the same position in 1994.

Facts about Rick Perry 8: Lieutenant Governor

Perry wanted to become a Lieutenant Governor instead of seeking the third term as an Agriculture Commissioner. On 19 January 1999, he took the office.

Rick Perry

Rick Perry

Facts about Rick Perry 9: Governor of Texas

On 21st December 2000, Perry became the governor of Texas after George W. Bush resigned to take the presidential office as US president.

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Facts about Rick Perry 10: the second term

During the election in 2002, Perry won the position as the Governor of Texas in his own hand.

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