10 Facts about Rick Ross

Post On: May 25, 2017

Check Facts about Rick Ross if you want to know the famous American rapper and entrepreneur. He was born on 28 January 1976. His real name is William Leonard Roberts II. Maybach Music Group was a record label established by Ross in 2009. During his career as a rapper, Ross has released a number of studio albums. Let us find out other unique facts about Rick Ross below:

Facts about Rick Ross 1: the studio album

In 2009, Ross released Deeper than Rap as his first studio album. It was followed by Teflon Don in 2010. In 2012 and 2014, he released God Forgives, I Don’t and Mastermind, Hood and Billionaire respectively. In 2015, Black Market was released. In 2017, Ross had Rather You than Me.

Facts about Rick Ross 2: Ciroc Entertainment

Ciroc Entertainment was the management company of Diddy where Ross became the first artist who had a deal with it.

Facts about Rick Ross

Facts about Rick Ross

Facts about Rick Ross 3: the Hottest MC

Ross earned the title as the hottest MC in the Games from MTV in the beginning of 2012.

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Facts about Rick Ross 4: the birthplace and early life

The birthplace of Ross was located in Clarksdale, Mississippi.  He grew up in Carol City, Florida.

Rick Ross Album

Rick Ross Album

Facts about Rick Ross 5: education

Ross earned a football scholarship, which enabled him to attend Albany State University after he left Miami Carol City Senior High School.

Facts about Rick Ross 6: correctional officer

In December 1995 until June 1997, Ross took a job as a correctional officer.

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Facts about Rick Ross 7: Teflon Da Don

Teflon Da Don was the pseudonym of Ross during his early career with Suave House Records. “Ain’t Shhh to Discuss” was the recording debut of Ross. Then he chose Rick Ross as his professional and stage name in the mid-2000s.

Facts about Rick Ross 8: the debut album

In August 2006, the debut album of Ross was released in the market. During the first week, it was sold 187,000 units. In the Billboard 200, it took the top spot.

Rick Ross

Rick Ross

Facts about Rick Ross 9: the second album

Trilla is the title of Ross’ second album released in March 2008. On the U.S. Billboard Bubbling under Hot 100 Singles, the hit single under the title “Speedin'” took no.21. Another hit song was “Here I Am” and “The Boss”.

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Facts about Rick Ross 10: the fourth studio album

On 20th July 2010, the fourth studio album of Ross was released in the market under the title Teflon Don. The hit single was “ Super High” which had Stacey Dash in the music video.

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