10 Facts about Riga

Post On: May 27, 2017
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Find out the interesting information on Facts about Riga. If you are in Latvia, the first city to reach must be Riga. It serves as the largest city and capital of the nation. In 2016, Riga was a home for 639,630 people. Around one third of the people who live in Latvia are in Riga. In the Baltic States, it is the largest city. It covers the areas of 118.60 sq mi or 307.17 sq km.  It is filled with sandy and flat plains. The location of Riga is measured at 3 ft 3 inch above the sea elevation.

Facts about Riga 1: the foundation of Riga

In 1201, Riga was established. The historical center of Riga is famous due to the Judgendstil and art nouveaue architectural design. The wooden architecture is also spotted here dated back in 19th century.

Facts about Riga 2: the notable events

There are a number of notable events in Riga. They include 2013 World Women’s Curling Championship, 2006 IIHF Men’s World Ice Hockey Championships, Eurovision Song Contest 2003 and 2006 NATO Summit.



Facts about Riga 3: the largest airport

The largest airport in Baltic States is located in Riga. It is called Riga International Airport.

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Facts about Riga 4: organizations

Riga is a member of various organizations. They include Union of Capitals of the European Union, Union of the Baltic Cities and Eurocities.

Riga Facts

Riga Facts

Facts about Riga 5: climate

The humid continental climate is experienced by the people who live in Riga. The average temperature in January and February is around 23 degrees F. Both are the coldest months.

Facts about Riga 6: the summer season

The summer season in the city is humid and cool. It has the average temperature of 64 degrees F.

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Facts about Riga 7: economy

Riga appears as an economical center in the country. More than 50 percent of jobs in the nation are available in Riga. Moreover, 50 percent of exports and GDP in Latvia is at the hand of the city.

Facts about Riga 8: exported products

The exported products from Riga include food, IT, wood products, metallurgy, transport, pharmaceuticals and beverage manufacturing.

facts about Riga

facts about Riga

Facts about Riga 9: tourism

One of the largest industries in Riga is tourism. In 2011, the growth of tourism reached 22 percent after it faced downturn due to recession.

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Facts about Riga 10: the decreased population

The population of Riga has been reduced due to the low birth rate and emigration.

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