10 Facts about Right Handers

Post On: May 28, 2017
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Facts about Right Handers tell the readers about the preference of an individual to use a hand.  The right-handers use the right hand as their dominant hand. The nondominant hand is considered as the less preferred hand. In the case of right-hander, the less dominant one is the left hand.   The level of strength of using the hand is spotted on the strong right and less left. Why don’t you check the post for details about right-handers?

Facts about Right Handers 1: types of handedness

Can you mention the types of handedness? They include less handedness, ambidexterity, mixed-handedness and right-handedness.

Facts about Right Handers 2: the life expectancy

In 1989 and 1991, scientific papers stated that the right-handed people had the life expectancy nine years higher than the left-handed people did. However, some people reject the finding today.

Facts about Right Handers

Facts about Right Handers

Facts about Right Handers 3: the development of handedness

The development of handedness takes place during infancy. According to the studies of Nelson, Campbell and Michel, it is related to the toddler’s language skill and ability.

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Facts about Right Handers 4: the number of infants

The number of infants assessed by the scientists is 38 infants.

Right Handers Pic

Right Handers Pic

Facts about Right Handers 5: infancy

During the infancy, it was found out that the consistent use of right hand or left hand took place during the period.

Facts about Right Handers 6: breast cancer

The handedness in females is also related to their health. The study finds out that the right-handed women have lower risk of having breast cancer than the left-handed women.

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Facts about Right Handers 7:  disorders

There are a number of disorders associated with mixed handedness and left-handedness. They include schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, autism spectrum disorders, bipolar disorder, depression and alcoholism.

Facts about Right Handers 8: economy

According to a study by Joshua Goodman, an economist from Harvard published in 2014 stated that the right-handed people earned 10 to 12 percent higher income than the left-handed people did.

Right Handers

Right Handers

Facts about Right Handers 9: the income disparity

The income disparity between the right-handed people and left-handed people is related to the behavioral and emotional problems associated with left-handed people.

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Facts about Right Handers 10: college-educated people

A study conducted in 2006 stated that the income of right handed people were 10 to 15 percent less than the left-handed people for the college-educated people were.

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