10 Facts about Ringworm

Post On: June 2, 2017

You will be informed with a common medical condition, which affects the skin on Facts about Ringworm. The term ringworm is defined as fungal infection on the skin. People also call it dermatophytosis. Due to the infection, you will spot circular, scaly, itchy and red rash on the infected skin. The affected area also experiences hair loss. The infected person will experience the symptoms after being exposed with fungal infection for 4 to 14 days. Get other useful facts about ringworms below:

Facts about Ringworm 1: the infected skin

It is common to spot multiple areas of skin infected by ringworms at the same time.

Facts about Ringworm 2: the types of fungi

The types of fungi, which lead into the development of ringworms on the skin, include Epidermophyton, Microsporum and Trichophyton. The scientists state that ringworms may be caused by at least 40 types of fungi.

facts about Ringworm

facts about Ringworm

Facts about Ringworm 3: risk factors

If you want to avoid the ringworms, you need to reduce the risk factors.  The low level of immune function, obesity, and contact with animals, excessive sweating, contact sport, and public shower are some risk factors of ringworms.

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Facts about Ringworm 4: the spread of infection

When a person is infected with ringworm, it may spread to another person.

Facts about Ringworms

Facts about Ringworms

Facts about Ringworm 5: how to diagnose ringworm

The presence of symptoms is used to diagnose the ringworms. Confirmation on the diagnosis is conducted by checking the skin scraping or by culturing.

Facts about Ringworm 6: how to prevent ringworms

There are three primary ways to prevent ringworms. You cannot share personal items with other people. It is always recommended for the people to wear shoes or sandals when going out in public. Moreover, keep the skin dry all of the time.

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Facts about Ringworm 7: how to treat ringworms

Miconazole and clotrimazole are the two common antifungal creams used to treat ringworms.

Facts about Ringworm 8: the infected people

Ringworm infects around 20 percent of the people in the world at one time.

Ringworms Facts

Ringworms Facts

Facts about Ringworm 9: the groin

The groin infected by ringworms is prevalent on males. Both sexes can be infected by ringworms at the body and scalp.

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Facts about Ringworm 10: the nails

The nails can be infected with ringworms too. The condition is called onychomycosis.

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