10 Facts about Rio Carnival

Post On: June 3, 2017
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Facts about Rio Carnival will tell the readers about the festival conducted before the Lent. The carnival is performed in Rio de Janeiro. Every single day, two million people gather on the streets. There is no need to wonder that it becomes the biggest carnival in the world. In 1723, Rio Carnival was first launched in the city of Brazil. Get other interesting facts about Rio Carnival below:

Facts about Rio Carnival 1: the interesting things to spot

During Rio Carnival, people are impressed with adornments, floats and revelers.  Many samba schools in Rio participate in the event. The 200 samba schools will be divided into five leagues.

Facts about Rio Carnival 2: the collaboration

The samba school will collaborate with the local neighbors to perform in Rio Carnival. The parade entries will be decided in a special order.

Rio Carnival Facts

Rio Carnival Facts

Facts about Rio Carnival 3: the samba school

The samba school has around 10 to 15 people to participate in the event. The dancers wear the fancy costume and set the mood of their presentation. In many cases, the samba school tells a story through their performance.

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Facts about Rio Carnival 4: the primary features

The primary features found in Rio Carnival are dancing and music.  However, carnival in Rio is still noted due to the impressive extravagance and elegance.

Facts about Rio Carnival

Facts about Rio Carnival

Facts about Rio Carnival 5: street festival

During the street festival, it is okay for the people to participate in the event. Banda de Ipanema is one of the most notorious bandas participated in the event.

Facts about Rio Carnival 6: dancing

Dancing is very important in the carnival of Rio.  A Brazilian dance called carnival samba is the most popular type of dances to perform during the festival.

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Facts about Rio Carnival 7: the largest carnival

The largest carnival in the world is located in Rio where it features bandas, blocos and street parades.

Facts about Rio Carnival 8: the number of bandas

The number of bandas participated in Rio Carnival is around 300 bandas.

Rio Carnival

Rio Carnival

Facts about Rio Carnival 9: the dates

The Carnival of Rio will be conducted on Friday and ended on Ash Wednesday.

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Facts about Rio Carnival 10: Queen of Carnival

Queen of Carnival is considered as the limelight during the event. King Momo will stand along with two princesses to woo the revelry. During the competition, there will be the second and third place taken by the princesses.

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