10 Facts about Rio Grande

Post On: June 4, 2017
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Facts about Rio Grande tell the readers about one of the primary rivers located in northern Mexico and southwest US. Have you ever explored Rio Grande before? Colorado River is the other principal river in the area. The water of Rio Grande will be directed to the Gulf of Mexico. The border between United States and Mexico is formed along the way of Rio Grande. Let us get other interesting facts about Rio Grande below:

Facts about Rio Grande 1: the total length

The total length of Rio Grande is measured at 3,051 kilometer or 1,896 miles according to International Boundary and Water Commission in the end of 1980s.

Facts about Rio Grande 2: in North America

In North America, Rio Grande is called as the fourth or fifth longest river system. It depends on how the length of the river is measured.

Facts about Rio Grande

Facts about Rio Grande

Facts about Rio Grande 3: the natural border

Rio Grande serves as the natural border between United States and Mexico. It shares border with states of Mexico such as Tamaulipas, Nuevo León, Coahuila and Chihuahua.

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Facts about Rio Grande 4: the natural discharge

The water of Rio Grande, which flows to Gulf of Mexico, is only 20 percent of its total natural discharge due to the heavy consumption of the water on the cities and farms.

Rio Grande Map

Rio Grande Map

Facts about Rio Grande 5: Rio Grande Valley

The significant agricultural area along Rio Grande is Rio Grande Valley. It is irrigated from the water of the river.

Facts about Rio Grande 6: Great Waters

Great Waters Coalition of America included Rio Grande in the list of the 19 Great Waters.

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Facts about Rio Grande 7: the watershed

The watershed of Rio Grande spans on the area of 472,000 kilometer square or 182,200 sq mi. The total area of the river basin is measured at 870,000 kilometer square or 336,000 sq mi.

Facts about Rio Grande 8: in 19th century

In 19th century, Rio Grande was actively navigated. The mouth of the river was accessed by at least 200 different steamboats.

Rio Grande

Rio Grande

Facts about Rio Grande 9: dams

Rio Grande has some dams, which include Cochiti Dam, Rio Grande Dam, Caballo Dam, Elephant Butte Dam, Retamal Dam and Anzalduas Dam.

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Facts about Rio Grande 10: the name

The name of the river is taken from Spanish term, which means Big River. The river is called with other names by Navajo and Pueblo peoples.

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