10 Facts about Rio Olympics

Post On: June 5, 2017
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Look at the interesting Facts about Rio Olympics by reading the below post.  It was known as the 2016 Summer Olympics. It was conducted on August 5th to August 21, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was for the first time for Refugee Olympic Team, South Sudan and Kosovo to participate in the competition. Actually, the event had gathered 205 National Olympic Committees with over 11,000 athletes. Here are other interesting facts about Rio Olympics:

Facts about Rio Olympics 1: the number of sports and medals

The number of games competed in Rio Olympics were 28 sports. The athletes competed to earn the medals. In 2009, gold and rugby sevens were included in Olympic program.

Facts about Rio Olympics 2: the venues

Rio de Janeiro had 33 venues for the sporting events. It served as the host city in Brazil. Other venues were spreading in other major cities in Brazil such as Manaus, Brasilia, Belo Horizonte, Sao Paulo and Salvador.

Facts about Rio Olympics

Facts about Rio Olympics

Facts about Rio Olympics 3: Thomas Bach

Thomas Bach served as the president of IOC or International Olympic Committee, which managed his first Summer Olympic Games.

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Facts about Rio Olympics 4: the host city

On 2nd October 2009, the IOC announced Rio de Janeiro as the host city for Summer Olympics 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark. It takes the record as the first city in South America, which becomes the host for Summer Olympics.

Rio Olympics Facts

Rio Olympics Facts

Facts about Rio Olympics 5: controversies

Controversies occur surrounding the selection of Rio as the host city. People focused on the inequality, safety and health concern of Brazil as the host country. Moreover, they were also afraid with the suitability of the federal government in Brazil. The high level of pollution in Guanabara Bay, Russian doping scandal and Zika virus outbreak marked the controversies.

Facts about Rio Olympics 6: United States

In the last six Summer Olympics, United States was on the top place for the medals. It earned 46 gold medals.

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Facts about Rio Olympics 7: Great Britain

The second place is taken by Great Britain. The third place is taken by China. Brazil collected seven gold medals.

Facts about Rio Olympics 8: the first gold medal

The countries, which earned their first gold, medal included Puerto Rico, Kosovo, Jordan, Fiji, Vietnam, Ivory Coast, Tajikistan, Bahrain and Singapore.

Rio Olympics

Rio Olympics

Facts about Rio Olympics 9: the bidding process

On May 16th, 2007, the bidding process for host city took place.

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Facts about Rio Olympics 10: the shortlisted candidates

The shortlisted candidates for Rio Olympics were Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Madrid and Chicago.

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