10 Facts about Riots

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Facts about Riots will tell you about a form of civil disorder. The activities identified in riots include the destruction of private, public, and property. Vandalism also occurs in riots.  The violent public disturbance is launched against the people, property or authority. The types of riots will determine the targeted property. The group may destroy religious buildings, institutional buildings, restaurants, cars and shops.

Facts about Riots 1: the history of riots

The history of riots had been traced back in the past. It has been associated with various reasons such as football hooliganism, religions, living condition, poverty, taxation, oppression of government, and conflict of ethnic groups.

Facts about Riots 2: the characteristics

The characteristics, which define riots, are the herd-like and chaotic behaviors. However, some people tried to control it and wanted to serve as the leaders. The chaotic behavior is unavoidable for it appears from the disorganized groups.

Facts about Riots

Facts about Riots

Facts about Riots 3: the modern rioters

The modern rioters are smarter today. They know how to deal with the police to make their action successful.

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Facts about Riots 4: the role of internet

Internet provides the rioters with manuals to guide them for successful riot. One of the tips is to make the press involved in the event. When the camera captures the riots, it is safer for the rioters.

Riot Facts

Riot Facts

Facts about Riots 5: the role of police forces

The police forces have difficult tasks to deal with rioters. They try to control them using CS gas or tear gas.

Facts about Riots 6: a police riot

Have you ever heard the term a police riot? It is used to define the unlawful use of forces by the police to attack the civilians. The case involves the peaceful civilians attacked by the police.

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Facts about Riots 7: other types of riot

Riot has a number of types. They include religious riot, race riot, prison riot, police riot, and student riot. The latter one usually involves the students in the university or college.

Facts about Riots 8: religious riot

Religion is the primary issue dealt in religious riot. The people from a particulate religion attack other people who embrace different religion.



Facts about Riots 9: sport riot

Sport riot is common between two supporters from different teams in a competition.

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Facts about Riots 10: sport riot in US

The most prevalent cause of riot in United States is sport riot.

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