10 Facts about Ripped Referee

Post On: June 6, 2017
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You will be informed with Mike Defee on Facts about Ripped Referee.  He is called Ripped Ref due to his impressive muscle.  He became the referee during the College Football National Championship in 2017. The participants of the game were Clemson University and University of Alabama. Let us find out other fascinating facts about ripped referee below:

Facts about Ripped Referee 1: the large biceps

Mike Defee earned many comments from the viewers who watched the game due to his large biceps.

Facts about Ripped Referee 2: the spread of comments

The comments of about his large biceps spread on Twitter, which increased the referee’s popularity. A tweeted joke about his muscle was named in The Ringer.

Facts about Ripped Referee

Facts about Ripped Referee

Facts about Ripped Referee 3:  the jokes about his stature

Mike Defee was on the air throughout the game because people created jokes about his stature on Twitter.

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Facts about Ripped Referee 4: the first

The first post, which joked about his muscle, is Uproxx on Twitter.  The article of Uproxx was reposted on Yahoo Sports.

Ripped Referee Facts

Ripped Referee Facts

Facts about Ripped Referee 5: other articles

Other articles about the ripper referee were also found in Kansas City Star and SB Nation.

Facts about Ripped Referee 6: Ed Hochuli

Ed Hochuli was a referee who also had impressive stature. The physical look of Mike Defee reminded the people with Hochuli. The night of the game showed off the compilation about the jokes of Defee presented in a Twitter moment.

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Facts about Ripped Referee 7: the importance of a referee

A referee is an important position in various sporting matches. He has a neutral point of view to enforce the rules on the field.

Facts about Ripped Referee 8: who was Ed Hochuli?

Have you ever heard about Ed Hochuli before? He was born on 25th December 1950. The people recognize him due to the impressive muscular body which earns him the title as ripped referee.

Ripped Referee

Ripped Referee

Facts about Ripped Referee 9: retirement

Hochuli is also known as the longest-tenured referee in NFL history. He earned the most votes as the best referee in a poll by ESPN in 2008 along with Mike Carey.

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Facts about Ripped Referee 10: Hochuli as an attorney

Do you know that Ed Hochuli earned his living as an attorney? He practiced law in the state and federal courts of Arizona.  Since 2003, he had been included in the list of Best Lawyers in America. In 2007, Hochuli was included in Southwest Super Lawyers.

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