10 Facts about Rita Ora

Post On: June 9, 2017

Facts about Rita Ora present the information about the notable British singer. She was born on November 26th, 1990 as Rita Sahatçiu. People recognize her as Rita Ora. In February 2012, she rose to fame due to the single of DJ Fresh under the title “Hot Right Now” where she became a featuring singer. Today, Ora is also recognized as an actress. Get other interesting facts about Rita Ora below:

Facts about Rita Ora 1: the debut studio album

In August 2012, Ora had the studio album released in the market. In United Kingdom, it took number one.

facts about Rita Ora

facts about Rita Ora

Facts about Rita Ora 2: the notable singles

The album has two notable singles. Both are “How We Do (Party)” and “R.I.P.”

Facts about Rita Ora 3: the most number-one singles

In 2012, Ora became the British singer who had the most number-one singles in the Singles Chart of United Kingdom.

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Rita Ora Pictures

Rita Ora Pictures

Facts about Rita Ora 4: the fourth number one single

The fourth number one single of Ora was entitled “I Will Never Let You Down” in 2014.

Facts about Rita Ora 5: “Black Widow”,

“Black Widow” was the single of Iggy Azalea, which featured Rita Ora. In United States and United Kingdom, the single was included in the top five of music charts.

Facts about Rita Ora 6: Adidas Originals

Adidas Originals is a product of Adidas, which marked the collaboration between Adidas and Rita Ora. The announcement about the collaboration was stated by Adidas in January 2014.

Facts about Rita Ora 7: a coach

Ora took part in The Voice United Kingdom during the fourth series as a coach in 2015. Then she was appointed as a judge in The X Factor.



Facts about Rita Ora 8: cameo appearances

Ora appeared in “Over”, a video of Drake and “Young Forever”, a video by Jay Z for a cameo role.

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Facts about Rita Ora 9: working on the second album

Ora is working on the studio album. She stated that the next album will be more direct that her debut album. “Your Song” was released on May 26th, 2017. The single actually should be released as the lead single in her second album.

Rita Ora Image

Rita Ora Image

Facts about Rita Ora 10: acting

Ora also has in acting career. The first role for her was in The Brief where she appeared in one episode at the age of 13.

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