10 Facts about Ritalin

Post On: June 9, 2017

Facts about Ritalin inform us with the CNS stimulant. The trade names for Ritalin are varied. People often call it Methylphenidate. It is included in piperidine and phenethylamine classes. The primary function of Ritalin is to treat narcolepsy and ADHD. CIBA was the owner of Ritalin’s patent. In 1955, FDA first licensed Ritalin for hyperactivity treatment. Let us get other interesting facts about Ritalin below:

Facts about Ritalin 1: the medical use

In 1960, Ritalin was first used for medical purpose. Since 1990s, it was one of the most prescribed drugs when ADHD began to be accepted as a health condition.

Facts about Ritalin

Facts about Ritalin

Facts about Ritalin 2: the prescription of Ritalin

In United Kingdom, the prescription was increased up to 50 percent in 2007 until 2012.

Facts about Ritalin 3: the doses

The consumption of Ritalin reached 2.4 billion doses globally in 2013. Almost 80 percent of the world’s consumption of Ritalin was from United States.

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Ritalin Facts

Ritalin Facts

Facts about Ritalin 4: prescription

The activity of central nervous system will be improved when consuming Ritalin for it acts as psychostimulant. The attention will be increased and the fatigue will be removed after the consumption. The people will be more alert.

Facts about Ritalin 5: the kids

The kids under six years are not allowed to consume Ritalin. A prescription from the physician will be needed to purchase Ritalin in the drug store.

Facts about Ritalin 6: other disorders

Other disorders like depressive disorders and bipolar disorders can be treated with the office-label Ritalin.

Facts about Ritalin 7: the ADHD treatment

As I have stated before, Ritalin works well for ADHD treatment. The function and structure of brain will be improved on the person with ADHD. The finding is reported according on the systematic review and Meta analyses on the patient’s brain.



Facts about Ritalin 8: the dosage

The dosage prescribed by the physician on the patient with hyperactivity is varied. The precise titration should be conducted carefully to give the right dosage of Ritalin for the patient.

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Facts about Ritalin 9: the effect of the kids with ADHD

The relationship between the kids with ADHD and family members and peers is improved due to the consumption of Ritalin.

Ritalin Pictures

Ritalin Pictures

Facts about Ritalin 10: the performance at school

The kids with ADHD also have improvement school. They can maintain longer attention.

Are you well informed after reading facts about Ritalin?